Watch Court Yard Hounds Rock 'Amelita' Tracks, Talk Album + Dixie Chicks

Court Yard Hounds performs at the Billboard Studio

Kate Glicksberg

Court Yard Hounds have just released their sophomore effort, "Amelita," and though some might think the duo is just a side project that Emily Robison and Martie Maguire have put together during the extended hiatus of the Dixie Chicks, the sisters say that the Hounds are very much a priority.

PHOTOS: Court Yard Hounds Live at Billboard's Studios

Emily and Martie recently stopped by the Billboard studios in Manhattan to perform a couple songs from the album -- including the fittingly rockin' "Rock All Night" (below) and the bouncy title track (above).

They also sat down for a Billboard Q&A, where they discussed how they balance motherhood and music, and also gave Billboard the scoop regarding their touring plans for the fall and winter.