Watch Court Yard Hounds Rock 'Amelita' Tracks, Talk Album + Dixie Chicks

Court Yard Hounds have just released their sophomore effort, "Amelita," and though some might think the duo is just a side project that Emily Robison and Martie Maguire have put together during the extended hiatus of the Dixie Chicks, the sisters say that the Hounds are very much a priority.

PHOTOS: Court Yard Hounds Live at Billboard's Studios

Emily and Martie recently stopped by the Billboard studios in Manhattan to perform a couple songs from the album -- including the fittingly rockin' "Rock All Night" (below) and the bouncy title track (above).

They also sat down for a Billboard Q&A, where they discussed how they balance motherhood and music, and also gave Billboard the scoop regarding their touring plans for the fall and winter.