#TwitterWar: Jason Isbell vs. Dierks Bentley, Over Bentley Single 'Home'
Dierks Bentley, 'Home': Album Preview

The world of country music has not been this spicy since the war of words between Billy Ray Cyrus and Travis Tritt twenty years ago, over Tritt's claim that Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" was turning the genre into an "ass wiggling contest." Alas, that was a different time era.

Dierks Bentley and Jason Isbell, former Drive-By Truckers member and solo artist, have found themselves in a Twitter war. It all started on Friday (Jan. 6), when Isbell tweeted, "Dierks has officially ripped off my song 'In A Razor Town.' Dierks is a douchebag."

The song that Isbell is referring to is "Home," currently No. 13 on Billboard's Country Songs chart and Bentley's first single off his upcoming Capitol Records release. Isbell's "In A Razor Town" from his 2007 solo album, "Sirens Of The Ditch." Listen to both below.

In a further tweet, Isbell stated, "I love @DanWilsonMusic's songwriting, but I bet he's never heard my song. I bet Dierks brought that idea to the table and Dan ran with it," referring to Dan Wilson, who co-authored "Home" with Bentley and Brett Beavers.

On his Twitter, Bentley responded, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that is some funny shit!" Then, on January 7, in response to Isbell's post of "I have had too much stolen lately," Bentley tweeted: "JUST IN: "Nashville and LA songwriters running out of ideas..rushing to steal jason songs!"

What do you think? Do you hear the similarties in the two songs?