Waylon Jennings' Widow Talks 'Last Recordings' & Movie Progress
Waylon Jennings' Widow Talks 'Last Recordings' & Movie Progress

Son Shooter Rules Out Playing His Late Dad in Biopic: 'No Way... No More Acting'

Though it's been ten years since Waylon Jennings passed away, you might not be able to tell it from the activity that continues to surround the country music icon. Over the past two years, there have been two tribute discs -- "Waylon: The Music Inside, Volumes 1 and 2," and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Waylon's son Shooter tells Billboard that there are several ways that Jennings' music and legacy are being newly promoted, a la Johnny Cash. "I have put together a clothing line that will be coming out," he says. Waylon t-shirts, either with his likeness or the famous logo, are hot ticket items these days, and that's not all.

Shooter Jennings Tones Down His 'Outlaw' Side w/ 'Family Man'

Though nothing has been finalized as of yet, Shooter says "We're talking about a movie. It's been ten years, and it's time to kick up some dust!"

In 2005, the young Jennings portrayed his father in the Johnny Cash-June Carter biopic "Walk The Line." Though Cash's onetime Nashville roommate was only a bit character in the film, did the experience whet Shooter's appetite for more film time? "No way," he says. "No more acting. I thought I would walk in and do a good job being my dad, but the first time the cameras came on, I thought 'I am going to ruin this movie.' A few minutes is like a few hours, so a few hours must be a lifetime. We're going to have to find someone who is a really good actor to play him."

Jennings said that having Waylon Jennings as a father was different than you might imagine. "As a kid, I got into music my own way, and moved off to L.A. to play in a rock and roll band, so I never did feel that. If anything, I felt support from him -- which was kind of rare. I was in a house where my parents cared very much about music, and he was very supportive. He wasn't an outlaw, he was a good dad. It was just a term. It was like 'I'm gonna wear pajamas inside the house. Outside, I'm a derelict," Shooter said, with that classic bit of Jennings irreverence intact.

Jennings is currently making the promotional circuit rounds to spread the word about his upcoming disc, "Family Man," which hits retail and online sites March 13. Check out our longer discussion with him here .