The Band Perry: No Overnight Success

The Band Perry: No Overnight Success

Country Hitmakers Talk Breakout Year, Sibling Dynamic on Road & Plans for Next Album

Last week, The Band Perry performed at the Ryman Auditorium to a sold out crowd during the Country Radio Seminar. Just one year prior, the trio had just delivered one of their biggest knockout punches with their performance at the 2011 New Faces Show. As lead singer Kimberly Perry admits, it's been a year to remember.

"It has been an amazing twelve months. It really has. We've spent our whole lives working towards this moment. We've dedicated every moment to music since I was fifteen, so you're talking about a thirteen year journey. It's been wonderful to see all the blood, sweat, and tears really come to fruition. I know it seems like an overnight success, but we honed so much of our song craft and performance craft in our living room. It's been a joy -- so many firsts over the past twelve months."

"All Your Life" recently traveled all the way to the top of the singles charts, and though not a "first" -- it's actually their second chart-topper, the trio celebrated their accomplishment with a party at the Nashville office of BMI. Before the festivities began, they took part in a press conference to talk about the record and everything that has gone on in their lives and career.

Kimberly said the success of the song meant a lot to the group because of the timeliness of the song.

"We loved it because it peaked around Valentines Day. Reid and Neil are the hopeless romantics in the band, and I'm the spitfire, so we were real excited about it," she said. "Any number one is really special, but this will be the final single off the album, so we were really excited to wind down the process with such a win."

Brother Neil reflected on some of the stages the trio have been able to share the past year. "This year has been amazing. We've gotten to tour with people like Tim, Reba, and Keith. Rihgt now, we're with Brad. We've learned a lot this year, and we're still learning."

Have there been any growing pains with a sister and two brothers spending so much time together on the road? Not really, according to Kimberly. "In one sense, we've always been a close family. So, there's never really been a lot of secrets. I just think it's enhanced the personalities that we have already had. Neil is the baby, and never lets us take ourselves to seriously. He jokes nonstop. I'm kind of the bossy one, and that comes out with a vengeance on the road. Reid is our hard headed cynic middle child. I just feel that Bob Doyle gave us some of the best advice when we met -- 'Whatever personality quirk an artist has before they are in the spotlight is magnified once they get in the spotlight.' Nine times out of ten, that's a beautiful thing, and one time of ten, it causes fireworks on the tour bus."

She allows that having a normal schedule on the road keeps things from getting too crazy for the CMA-winning trio. "We don't look at the schedule past the next three days. When we get home, we do laundry -- which is a beautiful thing, because sometimes I wear the same socks for three days in a row. But, we're all creatures of habit, so the fact that we're on such a structured schedule -- sound check is at the same time every day, catering is at the same time every day. We build a work out and creative block every day. As long as the days are still structured, we still find ourselves being able to be productive and can still grow in our craft."

There's no doubt that the day turned out to be one to remember for the trio. After the number one party, the Perrys were set to collaborate in a writing session with Sheryl Crow. That, according to Kimberly, is a dream come true.

"A huge influence of mine has always been Sheryl Crow. She's a hero of ours. Lyrically, she's so creative and completely unique. I've always looked up to her, as well as Matraca Berg and Natalie Hemby."

With album number one effectively in the books for the trio, what's next? Kimberly smiled and said "It's TBD for TBP," she said, smiling. "We just played the Ryman, and debuted six new songs, and have no idea what the new single will be. In March and April, we will cut our first five, so hopefully something in that set will rise."