Gloriana Refocuses After Member's 'Totally Unexpected' Departure
Gloriana Refocuses After Member's 'Totally Unexpected' Departure

After what has been one of the craziest and most unpredictable years of their career, the members of Gloriana -- brothers Mike and Tom Gossin, and Rachel Reinert -- are happy to have the total focus on where they want it to be -- their music. Their latest single, "(Kissed You) Good Night," has been moving up the charts, and member Tom Gossin is very excited about the early success.

"It's a song I co-wrote with Josh Kear," he tells Billboard of the track, currently at No. 28 on the Country Songs chart. "We got together, and started talking about life. Two hours later, we had a song. It's a song about a guy and a girl on the first date. It was kind of inspired by my experiences on first dates, because I was always really shy, and had a hard time making that move for the first kiss. So, in this song, the guy chickens out at the end of the date. Then, he gets back out of his truck, and the girl is hoping for the same thing. Then, they reconvene back on the porch. There's a happy ending," he says, though he admits his real romantic life isn't as exciting.

"(Kissed You) Good Night"

"Unfortunately, in my life, it was not," he says. "Sometimes, as a songwriter, you write about what you wish you were like."

Gloriana broke onto the scene in 2009 with their energetic single "Wild At Heart," and have become one of the format's fastest-rising groups since then. However, last year the then-foursome were surprised to find out in the media that member Cheyenne Kimball was leaving the group to go solo.

Once the shock was over, the group pulled together and became more united in their approach. According to Reinert the bond between the three has always been strong. "I'd say as far as dynamics go, we started out as a three-piece," she says. "As soon as they moved to Nashville, they moved in with me, so they've always been pretty tight knit. I think as far as our closeness go, we've always been on the same page as far as our music goes."

She admits there were some uneasy moments when Kimball left the group, but they quickly realized their musical purpose. "We have to weather this storm, and solider through it, and move on. We also decided that we wanted to step up our musicality. We've really been focused on that. I think people see our chemistry, and how that brings you closer together. It's much more focused now. Everyone has their moment, and you know it's your moment. There's not any confusion about that," she says.

Reinert is also excited about the new album. "It's been done for a little while," she says. "We're just waiting on a release date. We've all either wrote or co-wrote every song on this record. It will be titled 'A Thousand Miles Left Behind.'"

Tom Gossin says that the sound on the new record is a little different from their debut. "We've definitely gone for more of an organic sound on this record. And, we've written or co-written all of it, so it's kind of like a documentary for us. We put out our first record in 2009, and most of it was written and worked on in 2007 and 2008. So, it's been four or five years. We had a lot to say on this one. We've been through a lot of crazy things."

Reinert admits that Gloriana is a much different group than the one that debuted with "Wild At Heart." She says they really didn't grasp -- or get a chance to soak in the success they were having. "No, absolutely not," she expresses. "I think that we have grown up a lot over the past three years. I think there was a lot that we really didn't understand. I don't think we realized just how blessed we were. I think it took a few ups and downs to realize how hard we have to work and have the success we had -- to keep fighting and pushing on. Especially, when you feel it's this close to be taken away. You get your vision very clear."

Gossin says their vision was given a sense of direction a few years ago from one of the genre's living legends. We met Alan Jackson early on, and asked him for advice. He said 'Listen, be true to yourself, and write from the heart. People will like it if it's real."

And, it doesn't get any more 'real' than the past few years for Gloriana. But, it's full steam ahead, according to Gossin. "It really feels that right now we're seeing the clearing of the clouds. We're all on the same page."