Spotlight: Jason Cassidy Connects With 'What If'
Spotlight: Jason Cassidy Connects With 'What If'

Texan Jason Cassidy has steadily been building a fan following in the Lone Star State for quite some time. The singer is beginning to reap some of the rewards for the long years of hard work that he has put into his career. His latest A-Blake Records single, "What If," has been garnering airplay at many stations across the United States.

The video for the song has been picked up by CMT Pure as well as GAC. It appears that things are setting up quite well for the singer, who tells Billboard that he had quite a great growing up experience working with his father and brother.

"I was born in Houston, TX. I grew up in New Caney, a smaller town. My dad built hot rods for a living, and my mom was a housewife. It was probably the coolest upbringing I could have ever had. I had two older brothers. My dad had a hot rod shop, and the first thing I ever started working on was building hot rods with him. My brother got out of the Air Force, and it was just the three of us building cars. That was our passion." However, music would come calling - in the form of a Garth Brooks classic.

"I never really thought about singing, but I was about thirteen years old and in Church. I remember walking around the sanctuary singing 'The Dance' on the wireless microphone on the house PA," he recalls.

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That led him to look at music as his calling. "I went to a youth ministry called Dawson McCallister, and they sang this song called 'Jesus Is Here To Stay,' and that's when I was reborn. That night just changed my life, and that song stuck with me. I was doing a Christmas musical at Church, and that was my first solo with the rest of the youth group singing backup. I remember my mom and others saying 'You have a deeper voice than I thought you did. I didn't know you could sing.' It was just something that came out of nowhere. I bought a guitar when I was fifteen years old, and started learning how to play."

Then, a few years later, he got a break by playing in his first band in the clubs. "About eight or nine years ago, this band lost their singer, and I had done some karaoke. I got up and did a couple of songs, 'I Can Still Make Cheyenne' and 'Does That Blue Moon Still Shine On You,' and the band was blown away," he recalls fondly. "They said they would give me a call, and about two weeks later, I got the call. They sent me about seventy songs and said learn these in two weeks. It was the first time I was playing professionally."

He admits that playing the club scene and doing cover tunes could be a little frustrating. "In 2007, I started another band - doing some cover tunes and also some originals. I was to the point in 2009 when I was about to quit," he confesses, when he met someone who would prove to change his life and career."

"I was playing a club one night, when I met my wife to be. There was a mutual friend who introduced us. She just went through a divorce, and wasn't looking for a relationship, and I had just gotten out of a relationship, and wasn't looking. They say that's when you find the person is when you're not looking. She was out of my league, and I was on the wild side. Of course, I was doing everything I could to make her think I was as good as she thought I was until I had a chance to become that person. Then, one day she said 'You ought to go to Church with me.' I did, and it changed my life. It was a sermon about letting go of the past, and all the negative influence in your life - all the people you hang with that are doing the same things they were five years ago. From that point on, I really became more focused and started writing as much as I could. We got close and became engaged," he says.

Right now, Cassidy is making his name known with "What If," and he hopes to continue to work his way to the top. "We've been out on the road, and doing a lot of radio visits," he says of what his spring has looked like. "My dream is to be a household name to where you say Jason Cassidy, and they say 'Oh, yeah, he's great! I've seen his show,' instead of them saying 'Who? Butch Cassidy?