Edens Edge Debut Was Worth the Wait
Edens Edge Debut Was Worth the Wait

Rising Country Trio Talk First Two Singles, Rascal Flatts Tour & More

E dens Edge's self-titled debut hits stores Tuesday (June 12), with an deluxe edition also on sale at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

According to the Big Machine trio's Hannah Blaylock, it's a day they've been looking forward to. "It's pretty surreal," she tells Billboard. "The three of us have been together for about eight years. I started this band with my parents and a family friend, who brought Dean and Cherrill into the band. We would have never met had it not been for him. It's been a long beautiful journey that has just progressed.

The one thing that has been hard is telling people 'One day, we will have an album out.' So, it's so exciting for that day to be here."

The band's Dean Berner said that though they have taken time to get the debut release together, it all worked out. "Last year, we had the opportunity to go on three tours -- with Brad Paisley, Reba, and Lady Antebellum. Because we were on the road, we didn't have time to finish the album, and "Amen" hung on the charts for so long that it kind of delayed the process a little bit. It was one of those things that balanced each other out, because we had some amazing opportunities last year. We're very happy to be where we are, and it wouldn't have been the same album had we released it sooner."

Cherrill Green, who plays mandolin and banjo for the trio said they will probably be found at a retail center or Cracker Barrel sometime today - just to make sure it's real. "We've lived with the songs for a while, but it will be so different to see it next to artists that we have grown up listening to. We'll probably go out and look for at it midnight."

The album was produced by blockbuster producers Dann Huff and Mark Bright, which Blaylock admits was an experience to remember.

"Working with both of these guys on the record was so amazing. They are both such geniuses. It's been such an educational experience learning from them. They have a different way of going about things, but the results are incredible every time. They have so much experience, and to be creative with both of these guys is one of the biggest honors of our lives."

One of the highlights of the album is the old-country sounding "Last Supper." Of the track, Cherrill said "That's one that Hannah co-wrote. We all fell in love with it, and said 'That has to be on the record.'"

In the coming months, the trio can be found with label mates Rascal Flatts on their "Changed" tour. Berner says that between that and last year, they are excited to learn from some of the format's best. "We had such an amazing time on those tours, and learned something different from each of them. From Brad, we learned how much we works on his craft, tweaking and changing, and as a musician, he goes for it to the max each night as a player. Reba has such an amazing spirit, and she makes you feel good every time you're around here. With Lady Antebellum, we learned what we want to be like when we start to headline. They had a fun room backstage with ping pong, guitars, and a tiki bar. It was a space where you could hang out and relax, but it also inspired creativity."

He expects that the Flatts tour will feature a unique brand of creativity. "We are looking forward to learning on the Rascal Flatts tour, but hopefully it won't be from getting pranked so much. We hear they have a reputation," he says, smiling.

Edens Edge can currently be heard at radio with their second single, "Too Good To Be True." It made an impact on them from the start. "The moment we heard it, we were so infected by it. We loved the groove, and felt it was something that added to our sound. We say that 'Amen' is the Edens of Edens Edge, and "Too Good To Be True" is the edge. It is a more rockin' tune. We're really excited to show the dynamic of what we can offer with the two singles we've put out so far, and we love the reaction we've gotten from it."