Band Perry 'Writing Like Crazy' for Rick Rubin-Helmed 2nd Album

Mashup Mondays: The Band Perry

The Band Perry performs at Billboard studios.

"Our melody has grown up so much," says Kimberly Perry of new songs; New album expected late 2012; First single early fall

Country trio the Band Perry is "about halfway finished" with its sophomore album, and the siblings say that the counsel of producer Rick Rubin have helped them ease through the pressure generated by the platinum success of their self-titled debut.

"(Rubin) has just been a masterful mentor," Kimberly Perry tells, "so I think we felt a little bit more of the sophomore jitters before we actually pushed the record button. Now we're feeling really, really excited about everything."

Reid Perry says the new album, which is expected out during the fourth quarter with a single likely in early fall, expands on the approach of "The Band Perry." "We call our sound a modern throwback," he explains. "I think that was evident on the first album, but I think you'll hear that also on the second album, and I feel like we've taken the second album to more of a live feeling; we are a band, and where we're at right now with this second album feels like a band, which we're pleased about."

Kimberly adds that "we're not playing the music to a click track, so there's a lot of ebb and flow and breathing room in each songs. Our melody has grown up so much, mostly our delivery and the melody that we hear in our heads and in our hearts. Everybody we keep playing the rough mixes for is like, 'It sounds like you guys are standing on this really cool edge,' so that's exciting."

The trio has "been writing like crazy" for the album, according to Reid, creating songs that "are really trying to be true to where we are in life right now." Kimberly says that she and her brothers "have lived so much life in the last couple of years and had so many brand new experiences, and we hear so many stories from our fans and what's going on in their lives. So we're just taking all that information and putting them into the songs." Among those is a track called "I'm a Keeper" that Kimberly calls "a relationship song...about being a free spirit." Another song, she says, honors the Perry's mother, and "there's a lot of themes that revolve around family and best friends" and being away from home.

The Band Perry is currently on the road with Brad Paisley but is eyeballing at least a couple of more studio sessions in July and August before the album is finished. Some guests are possible, the Perrys say, but they're not naming names just yet.

Meanwhile, they're putting some energy behind "The Band Perry's" fourth single, "Postcard From Paris," including a music video filmed in New Orleans that depicts the three Perrys as cat burglars. "There's this detective who's on our tail and he falls in love with Kimberly from a distance," Neil Perry explains. "At the end he can either bust us or, because he's so in love with Kimberly, he can let us go." "Yeah," Kimberly adds, "that happens to us all the time."