Jake Owen Talks No. 1s, 'Brothers' Tour & New Single
Jake Owen Talks No. 1s, 'Brothers' Tour & New Single

After being a chart presence since 2006's "Yee Haw," Jake Owen is in the thick of his hottest streak yet. With the recent ascension of "Alone With You" into the top spot on the Hot Country Singles chart, Owen has rung up back-to-back number one hits. The RCA recording star celebrated the feat at Nashville's Cabana restaurant, and also visited with reporters.

Owen confessed that the minute he heard the song - written by JT Harding, Catt Gravitt, and Shane McAnally, he had a feeling. "I just knew the minute I heard the song that it was something that needed to be heard," he said. "It was one of those very vulnerable tunes that came from a guy's perspective. It hadn't really been done that much or that often, and was something that would really stike a chord with females, but coming from a male perspective, but a lot of guys would think 'If he's singing about that, it's ok to feel that way."

"Alone With You" was a perfect complement to his previous song, said Owen. "We felt like it was a really good transition at the time. After we had such a big summertime song with 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night,' it was a good song to lead into the winter months, where everybody holes up in a house and gets cold and lonely."

That success has landed the Florida native a slot on one of the biggest tours of the year -- Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw's "Brothers Of The Sun" tour. It's big for a lot of reasons, he says.

"First of all, it feels awesome to be out there on that tour. Every time I play one of those shows, I am blown away that they are even having me out there. I was a guy on the street ten years ago when they were touring together, and I was watching the show from the grass with my friends and my high school girlfriend - the one, who I went off to college, told me that I was going to be the next Kenny Chesney. She meant it very sarcastically," he says with a grin.

A mention of another iconic country singer made Owen feel proud when he was asked about the comparison of "Alone With You" to something that Conway Twitty might have recorded.

"I think the moodiness and vulnerability of the song is very Conway Twitty-esque," he says. "It's also coming from a man's perspective. It's very honest, and that's what I always loved about his songs. They were straight to the point, and very honest amd very masculine."

Has his recent successes on the chart made him splurge a little? He thinks about the question, and says "Well, I bought a nice diamond ring for my wife and we bought a house together," alluding to his new wife, Lacey. He says that saying "I Do" has changed him some. "I'm learning to say 'We' a lot more. But other than that, not really. With a wife, a house, and things to do, my priorites are quite different."

Up next for Owen is his current single, "The One That Got Away" (No. 41 on Country Songs), which will also be supported with a new video. "The last four videos I have made I did with Mason Dixon. I've created a relationship with him like Kenny Chesney has with Shaun Silva. I'll go to dinner with him, and say this is my vision for the song. I wanted to go back home for a Florida vibe, and bring that summertime feel."

Owen tries to stay grounded in spite of his success. "There's a number one song every single week," he says. "So, by no means do I think that I am anything special since I've had two number ones. I'm very thankful and grateful, and I am very blessed. But, on a daily basis, I am trying to figure out another way to connect to another person in order for them to say 'He's a good guy.' I know that I work hard, and I appreciate everything is going on."