Kix Brooks Reboots Solo Career With 'New to This Town'
Kix Brooks Reboots Solo Career With 'New to This Town'

"I'm ready to get it out there," singer tells Billboard of first solo effort since end of duo Brooks & Dunn

Kix Brooks finally has a date, but not that kind of date. Arista Nashville recently announced that Brooks' new album, "New to This Town," would be released in stores on Sept. 11. The first solo project for the singer since Brooks & Dunn went their separate ways, Brooks says he is looking forward to the album being out.

"It is exciting," he confirms to Billboard. "I'm ready to get it out there. We've been out on the road the past couple of months playing this music, and it's funny to see people react the way they are, and they haven't even heard the music yet."

Though Brooks has recorded solo before -- he released a self-titled disc for Capitol in 1989, he admits that it did feel a little different at first embarking on a solo run -- both in the studio and on stage.

"I think people forget that we got started with our duo a little bit later in life," he says, referencing the fact that both he and Ronnie Dunn were solo artists before combining their talents in 1991. "We had both toured for years, and I think both of us are back to what we started doing. I suppose that the first few shows were a little different, looking over there and thinking nobody is going to sing the next three songs, so I better get busy. But, I've really settled into it. It is different, but it feels like it ought to be."

The title cut -- featuring Eagles member Joe Walsh -- recently climbed to No. 31 the Country Songs chart (this week it's at No. 34). The disc is full of up-tempo material, including the attitude laden feel of "My Baby." He says that the song is one that goes over well in concert.

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"It's a hard driving thing," he says. "It's a little off the beaten track when it comes to how rocking it is. It's a groove that when you start playing it, everybody keeps bopping that head."

Another highlight from the disc is "Let's Do This Thing," of which Brooks says is "a good little wedding song. Leslie Satcher and I sat down to write one day. She asked if I had any ideas, and I said I did. It was kind of a wedding idea. I was talking to somebody the other day, and it seems like the hardest part about getting married is actually getting married. By the time you get around all the rig-a-marole and the pictures and all this stuff, the cake, and the million things you have to do, I think everybody is tired of it. I think it would be fun to write a song that says 'Let's do this thing. Let's just get it over with.' She says 'That's not a very nice idea' But, by the time we got the first verse, she had a big smile on her face. That's a lot of fun to play live," he says with a smile.

Billboard asked Brooks what his expectations were concerning the disc, to which he said "I think it's an opportunity to musically express where I come from. It's also music that's really fun to play live. As an artist, I think that's what you try to do. You can't chase your tail for what you should be sounding like or something that might work on the radio. You just have to play music that you can deliver that means something to you.

That's what this music is about. As far as what I'm trying to accomplish, obviously anyone who makes music wants people to like it, and I hope they will."