Dolly Parton Celebrates Gold, Talks Book and George Jones Project
Dolly Parton Celebrates Gold, Talks Book and George Jones Project

Though the iconic Dolly Parton is no stranger to Gold or Platinum, the singer was especially pleased to receive a Gold plaque for her "An Evening With Dolly… Live" CD / DVD package Friday morning in Music City. In fact, the Country Music Hall of Fame member even knew where the plaque was going.

"I have the Chasing Rainbows Museum at Dollywood and that will go in a very special place," she said, before also acknowledging her marketing partner for the collection. "I'm very proud to be working with Cracker Barrel," she said. "They seem to be happy too. You never get too callous to enjoy success, and at my age, I'm thrilled to get anything in this business."

Though the restaurant chain has scored healthy sales with acts like Kenny Rogers and Montgomery Gentry, Parton's release represents a new plateau. "I think this is the first certified Gold record that Cracker Barrel has done," said Parton. "It sold real well... Hopefully, it will continue to sell, and I can have some Christmas money," she said with a bit of her trademark laughter.

Parton has been taking it easy from recording and touring lately. "I'm not working on any albums at the moment. I've been taking some time off this summer to visit with family, and I have a book that I've written ['Dream More: Celebrate The Dreamer In You'] and all the money from that book goes to the Imagination Library, our literacy program. I've spent most of the summer working on that."

She says that the idea for the book stemmed from a song she composed for her Imagination Library -- which has distributed over 40 million books to children across the world. "I wrote a song for it called 'Try' and the lyrics of the song will be included in the book. Our steps that we teach in that are 'dream more, learn more, care more, and do more.' So, I do different chapters on those things, and put my own personal spin about my life. I include things that have happened to me, and give advice or just talk about my life," she said.

She does dish about her career - a little. "At the very end of the book, it has a Q&A of some things people asked me through the years, and the responses. It's fun reading, but hopefully it will be uplifting to people. It's not the story of my life, but I certainly cover different parts of it in it."

The singer also took time to reflect on the past few years of touring. "The last five years, we have done quite a bit. I've enjoyed it. The fans are great no matter who and where they are. I don't know when I'll be touring again, but I'm sure that one of these days I'll get a hankering to head back out on the road. I'm a gypsy," she stated.

While no tour or album is in the planning stage at this point, that doesn't mean she's not creating. She said that she was in the process of writing a few songs for an upcoming George Jones album, hoping she could collaborate with him vocally. "In my mind, nobody will ever sing better than George for emotion, heart, and feeling. I love him -- personally, and I love his singing."

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