615 Artist Spotlight: DeeAnn Dominy
615 Artist Spotlight: DeeAnn Dominy

There's an old saying that in Texas, they do things in a big way. DeeAnn Dominy is a first-rate example of this fact, as the Lone Star state native has received her share of critical acclaim in 2012, thanks to her debut EP, "Based On A True Story." She tells Billboard that the reception that the project has received so far has been very reassuring.

"I'm very happy," says the singer-songwriter. "It was my first effort as an independent act." It was also a big deal for Dominy, as she wrote five of the six tracks herself. "I've written and done a lot of stuff with Starstruck and Warner / Chappell, so I've always had a lot of good co-writers, but to have written all but one song myself, and to have my life story out there, I really couldn't be happier."

When she says "good co-writers," that very well might be an understatement. She says that she is extremely humbled to have co-written with some of the Nashville's finest.

"I would say my first mentor in town would be Byron Hill, who has since become like family," she says. "We've written a lot together. I've also written with Randy Scruggs and Wynn Varble. Most of that came when I signed with Starstruck."

Listening to Dominy's whiskey-drenched vocal approach brings to mind some of music's most revered talents. She admits that she grew up listening to some of the most unique talents in the business. "My influences are Tanya Tucker, Janis Joplin, and, today, even Joss Stone. I'm glad I don't sound like a ton of other people. I don't really strive to. Even with male acts, I'm drawn to people like Kid Rock or Johnny Cash, who you know who they are. I don't have to call the radio station and ask. I hope that's something I represent."

Though she loves writing, she says recording her own songs isn't something she's locked into. "It's really important at this stage of my life," she says, "but, if I found a cover - like 'Would You Lay With Me' (a 1973 Tanya Tucker hit written by David Allan Coe that appears on the album) that I really love, I'll do it. Also, if there's a song that moves me that someone else wrote, I think any artist would cut that. I would definitely cut it. This particular album was a journey of my life, and it was very important for me to write it myself."

Dominy is looking to release a single to country radio this fall, and hopes to spread the word concerning her talents around Music City soon.

"We are putting together a band for some acoustic sets in Nashville for some dates in late September," she confirmed. "I've also been writing a bit, and will be cutting a few new songs over the next few weeks."