Up And 'Away': Carrie Underwood Crowns Country Airplay Chart
Up And 'Away': Carrie Underwood Crowns Country Airplay Chart

Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest artists in the U.S. and has three No. 1 album titles on the Billboard 200 to prove it, including with this year's "Blown Away." This summer, the country superstar took her music overseas and had the time of her life.

"We did get the chance to go to London and Australia," the singer told Billboard during a press conference Tuesday at the CMA offices in Nashville. "We did one show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We got to do five in Australia. It was a lot of fun," she said, admitting that there she had no grand illusions of what her first international concert appearances would be like.

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"I didn't know what to expect, because I've never tried to be an artist anywhere but here. I was just trying to keep an open mind, and see what there was to be seen. I didn't expect everybody to know my name and everything about me. I just wanted to go and see what we could do. I feel we made a really nice splash there, and I have plans to go back soon."

Before she does that, however, she'll concentrate on her United States and Canadian dates on her "Blown Away" tour, which kicks off on Sept. 14 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Appearing with her as opening act will be rising star Hunter Hayes. She told reporters that fans just might see some collaborations between the two on stage.

"That is the plan," she says. "We haven't actually tried anything yet, of course, we'll have to get in there and see what we can do, but we'll figure out something. We'll find some way to perform together. We are in music rehearsals this week, making sure everything is perfect, then we'll start our production rehearsals."

She says the tour will be a visual treat for the fans as well. "I can't wait to see everything myself. I've seen so many computer renderings and stuff like that. I've also seen video content on my computer, so I can't wait to get in there, see how things are going to look, and all of the moving parts. We've tried really hard to make everything a great story. There are a lot of toys to play with. You've got some great technology out there now, so we're able to utilize that and make a really big show."

Also, look for a few wardrobe changes. Underwood promises "A lot of very dramatic costume changes. No two shows will be the same as far as what I wear and when I wear it. I like to have options," she said with a smile.

Fans who purchase tickets for the tour will also be helping out a great cause. "Every ticket sold, a dollar goes to the American Red Cross," she said. "When we're in Canada, it goes to the Canadian Red Cross, and both of them do some really great work. It seems like we've been having so many disasters lately, and it's relevant and timely, and such a great charity."

The singer, who was at the CMA offices celebrating the chart-topping success of the recent "Good Girl" says that the title track and second single from her current album is the centerpiece behind her tour, and has made a huge impact on her personally. "The first time I heard 'Blown Away,' I loved it so much. It was different than anything I had ever heard before. No matter how many albums I make, I want them to be different and sound different, and have different kind of songs on them. That one was so dramatic, and so juicy. When we got in to record it, and do all the music stuff for it, it was just so amazing to see it come together. Seeing it from the song to the album to putting together a tour, I feel like that song has allowed me to do different things, and allows the tour to be more dramatic, and more of a juicy story. I get to tell these stories on stage - not just with my voice, but with everything that is going on around me, which is really cool."