Bucky Covington Talks 'Good Guys,' First Album in 5 Years
Bucky Covington Talks 'Good Guys,' First Album in 5 Years

It's been a long wait for Bucky Covington, but with this week's release of "Good Guys," he finally has new music out. After hitting on Lyric Street Records with hits like "A Different World" and the touching "I'll Walk," the label closed -- putting his recording career on hold. However, the singer says he kept going thanks to the support from his loyal legion of fans.

"I'm very appreciative of them sticking with us," he says. "When you go through things like the label shutting down, and getting caught in the middle of things, the fact that we came out of that, released this new video, and had a million hits within 24 hours, God bless the fans. It's great to be remembered."

Watch 'Drinkin' Side of Country'

Covington chuckled a little bit when asked if he was a "Good Guy," as the album title states. "I am a good guy, but that name came forth for a lot of different reasons," he admits. "I've been trying to put this album out for about two years, and finally got all the label stuff behind us. I'm spokesperson for an organization called Help The Good Guys. We raise awareness and immediate financial relief for firefighters and their families that have been injured on duty. A portion of the first week of sales actually is going to go to Help The Good Guys to help firefighters all over America and Canada."

The first single from Good Guys is "Drinkin' Side Of Country," a duet with Shooter Jennings.

"Shooter is a guy I met about six years ago out in Los Angeles," he says. "It was his birthday, and we just hung out. I was a fan of his, and we hit it off really good. He says exactly what is on his mind, and he's one of the kindest hearted people you would ever meet. I had this song, and I wrote it and produced it, but it had this line in the song that said 'We Roll.' I'm not 'we,' I'm me. So, I thought if I am ever going to do a duet, this is it. It's so hard to find the right song, especially for two men to sing. This one came together. I gave it Shooter, and he came into the studio, and we had a great time.

The video for the song features quite an alluring cameo by Kellie Pickler. "We had the idea of doing a 'Dukes of Hazzard' style thing. You can't do that without Daisy, and not just any pretty girl can play Daisy - you have to have the girl. To me, the pretty girl in country music is none other than Kellie Pickler." The video also features appearances from X-Games medalist Kenny Bartram and TNA wrestler Mickie James.

Another highlight of the album is the seductive feel of "Hold A Woman," which Covington calls his "sexy song. I grew up in the Carolinas, and I love soulful beach music. When I heard it, I had to fight for it. The first time we cut it, it came off as too country. I said 'This one has to groove.' We finally found it."

Covington sounds as refreshed and energized as he was years ago when he first fell in love with music -- and he remembers the song that struck a chord. "It was Confidence Man" by the Jeff Healey Band," he recalls. "I saw myself standing on the stage, playing the guitar, wearing sunglasses, and just going at it. That ran through me like nothing before. The next day, I bought me an electric guitar and a Peavey amp. I was nineteen, and the world has not been the same since."