Trace Adkins Hooks Up With Red Cross, Talks New Song 'Tough People Do'
Trace Adkins Hooks Up With Red Cross, Talks New Song 'Tough People Do'

Country music has had a long standing tradition of giving back to others, and Trace Adkins looks to be a part of that. Today, the Show Dog - Universal recording artist announced that he will serve as the spokesperson for the 2012 American Red Cross Holiday Giving Campaign.

Adkins will be encouraging people to look beyond material gifts this season and consider charitable donations, sending cards to military heroes or donating life-saving blood. Adkins knows first-hand about the works of the Red Cross.

"When our house burned down in June of 2011, I wasn't at home, and one of the first groups that responded was the American Red Cross," he stated. "They were there, and were making sure my wife and kids were alright, and that everything was being taken care of. Then, they kept firefighters with sandwiches and plenty of water. It was amazing to me. I was embarrassed that I didn't know the Red Cross does stuff like that. We usually just see them on the national news, and they're responding to huge disasters, and they do that, but they also have volunteers that respond on a local level to things like house fires. I was really moved by that, and I told them if there's anything I could do to help them out, just ask me. I'm just real pleased to be a part of the holiday campaign, and I hope that I can help them out."

Remembering military personnel with holiday greetings is something that the singer knows makes an impact. "That's part of this campaign, is sending Christmas cards to the troops that are deployed. I've been over there when these guys and girls get these packages or letters from home. It's always special to them. I think that's a really cool part of this campaign."

Having made several trips overseas to support the troops, Adkins says he gets as much from the visits as they do. "There is a selfish reason for me doing that. I feel when you have a chance to hang out with heroic and courageous people, you do that. I'm always the better for it. I walk away from those experiences feeling they did more for me than I did them. There is no more appreciative crowd that you can play in front of."

Adkins has been pleasing many crowds in concert as of late, due to the Chris DuBois/Jason Matthews/Joel Shewmake-written "Tough People Do," which he premiered at the Republican National Convention.

"We decided we would make it available for downloads, because I hope people are inspired by this song, and what it says," he said. "I'm really proud of it, and the reception it's gotten. I think it's a song we all need to hear. This is who we are, it's in our DNA - we come from good stock. Tough times don't last, but tough people do. That's who we are. That's our heritage. Our ancestors went through a lot more trying times than we are right now, and if we remember that's the stock we come from, we can get through it."

Will the song make it to radio? "We may get to that point, but haven't yet,"

Adkins told us he aims to have his next album early next year.