Cody Canada & The Departed Song Exclusive: "Set It Free"
Cody Canada & The Departed Song Exclusive: "Set It Free"

Listen to an exclusive stream of "Set It Free" from The Departed's upcoming album, "Adventus."

Cody Canada, the former singer of Cross Canadian Ragweed, has been rocking with new band The Departed for just two years, and he's proud of the way it has gelled. With The Departed's sophomore album "Adventus," due November 13, Billboard now exclusively debut's the album's tune, "Set It Free."

Listen to the exclusive stream of The Departed's "Set It Free" here:

Canada can't wait for his longtime fans to hear the new music, he tells Billboard. "I'm very excited," he says. "I'm ready for people to hear what we've got to say."

He adds that there is definitely a band approach to "Adventus," the follow up to 2011's "This Is Indian Land" which reached No. 13 on the Country Albums chart. "It's just a new start. It's everybody writing and everybody singing. I loved everything I did with Ragweed. But, this is everybody, 100% five people with their opinions on the song, and the song becoming its own thing."

The album title was the brainchild of Canada's wife, Shannon. "She wanted to call it 'The Arrival.' I thought it was a very good idea, but I thought we needed to make it a little more romantic, so we started looking for different ways to say it, he says in choosing the Latin version of the word.

"Set It Free" was also inspired by her, Canada confirms. "We were in the studio on Mothers' Day, and were actually working on a tune called 'Hobo' that is on the record. I couldn't figure out what I was going to do on the song -- whether I was going to play acoustic or baritone or electric. We were all recording at the same time. So, I went and decided to write a song for my wife, because I always try to write one for her on each record. I wrote it for her on Mothers' Day, then we woke up the next morning and recorded it. It came off really well in the studio because it was so spontaneous."

Cody Canada has high hopes for "Adventus," and says he's pleased with the final output. "It turned out like I thought it would. When we're recording, I have to be in the studio the whole time. If it's something I'm doing, or someone else is doing, I have to listen to the whole thing. I was very happy with the end product."

The singer is also excited to be performing a date on Saturday (October 27) in Bee Cave, Texas with one of his biggest influences, ZZ Top. "That's pretty cool, I don't care who you are. I've had the opportunity to play a few shows with them. The ending of 'Set It Free' has a ZZ Top feel to it. I have every intention of playing that song first."