615 Spotlight: Josh Doyle Breaks Through
615 Spotlight: Josh Doyle Breaks Through

This week, the 615 wants to give you a look at an artist that might very well be the "Next Big Thing" on an international level. There are some elements of country, or even bluegrass in the music of Josh Doyle, but the Nashville-based singer-songwriter is much too varied musically to be put in just one musical genre. In fact, according to our ears, he -- while not imitating them -- could very be one of those artist that stand by themselves musically, a la John Mayer or Josh Groban. His self-titled album, out now, is a major reflection of his talent.

The UK native admits that he doesn't concern himself with musical classifications that much. He just wants to make sure the audiences like what he is doing.

Listen to "I Want to Break Your Mended Heart"

"That's kind of my thing. I want to be an entertainer more than a singer-songwriter because it gets boring just singing slow songs all night for me. We now live in an iPod generation where everybody likes everything. I'm kind of like a human iPod - you can stick me in all different kinds of music - well, maybe except gangsta rap," he says with a sly smile.

Doyle's album was produced by John Shanks - (Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow) and resulted from a contest he won. "I won the singer-songwriter competition through Guitar Center, and working with him was so cool. It was supposed to be a three-song EP, but when we got into the studio, we just started to record and track so quick."

The highlight of the album - and a song that could very well be break him is "I Want To Break Your Mended Heart." Of the cut, Doyle explains it by saying "I love that song. It's about breaking up with a girl, and her throwing things up all in your face. You think 'We were this close then, but now you're parading around with this guy. Now, you're so happy again, and put back together with someone else. I want to wreck that completely. Someone told me once that guys like songs about breaking things up, and girls like songs about putting things together, and love. It's like my shout out to the guys. I don't sit down and write a song about someone who is angry, as much as I just write what I am feeling at the moment. Luckily, I've spun a few phrases in there, like I want to break your mended heart, which I've never heard before in a song, which I thought was cool. At the same time, I was listening to a lot of Bee Gees, especially 'How Do You Mend A Broken Heart.' They were such great songwriters."

Doyle has played all over the Music City club circuit for awhile. "I've sort of been the 'Forrest Gump' of the Nashville scene. I've kind of been on the periphery of everything. When I came over here, I had been in a band before, and had some cred, so I was in with some of the managers in town. But, I've always been on the outside. Jack White, Kings of Leon, and Ben Folds Five have really made their mark here. I think Nashville attracts people because the songs that have came out of here have a great deal of craftsmanship about them, but they are real. It's one of the great music scenes anywhere."

As far as goals with his album, he says he's already accomplished one. "I gave up my job at a restaurant about two months ago, so that's one goal massively fulfilled. I tell people that I would be happy to still be making music for people this year. I think that if people hear the album, it can touch a lot of people, and they will empathize with it. I would love to be doing our own tours, and have people actually coming to see me because people hear the songs and they love them. It's a long-term thing. My manager wants me to go all the way, and I'm with them."

Josh Doyle. Remember the name. You heard it here first.