Lee Brice Casts Brother in 'I Drive Your Truck' Video
Lee Brice Casts Brother in 'I Drive Your Truck' Video

Lee Brice's latest album, "Hard 2 Love," has already spawned two big hits -- the title song, which is No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart, and the ballad "A Woman Like You." His next single, "I Drive Your Truck," is a song that looks to make an immediate impact, as well. It did with him.

"The first time I heard it, it absolutely slayed me," he tells Billboard. "I'm a songwriter, and I'm a sucker for great songs. I was so overwhelmed that I was even considered to take care of the song. It's an amazing song, a positive song about loss and being able to reconnect with someone that you have lost in your life."

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Brice has just finished a video for the song, and he says it's a family affair.

"It became a personal song to me the very first time that I heard it, and I thought about my granddaddy, and what I would like to do with the video," he says. "Since it was so personal to me, I asked my brother to be the actual actor, the 'star' of the video. He did an amazing job on it, and I have a feeling that people are just going to be really moved by it."

Another song on the album that he feels strongly about is "One More Day," a track that he says he knows very well. "It's my favorite song on the album. It's the most personal. It's directly about my fiancee, my little boy, and being gone so much. Truthfully, that's where my 'Hard To Love' comes from. That's the hardest thing is being gone so much."

Brice's career has been filled with a lot of emotion -- from watching as Garth Brooks made history by taking his song "More Than A Memory" to the apex of the charts -- in it's very first week. Then, there was the rise of his breakthrough single, "Love Like Crazy," which climbed the chart for over a year. "It was difficult, but country radio could not be cooler for doing that - playing it - a lot - for 57 weeks. I'll be eternally grateful to them for that."

A few weeks ago, the soulful stylist experienced his first CMA Awards as a nominee, being included in the New Artist of the Year category. What was the day like for the newly engaged singer? "Sarah [his fiancée] asked me all the time that day how she looked, and I said 'Beautiful every time,'" referencing the name of one of his prior hits.