Tracy Lawrence Talks Turkey, New Album for 2013

Tracy Lawrence Talks Turkey, New Album for 2013

Tracy Lawrence Talks Turkey, New Album for 2013

Tuesday, November 20 marked the Seventh Annual "Mission Possible" Turkey Fry hosted by Tracy Lawrence at Nashville's Rescue Mission. Billboard caught up with the singer near the end of the day's festivities, and he wryly noted that the pace in the afternoon is a little slower than early morning.

"You see how everybody starts to slow down during the day," he said. "They don't talk near as quick or as fast as they did early in the morning, and they're not picking their feet as high off the ground. It's pretty funny."

However, make no mistake, Lawrence and the many volunteers that give of their time get a lot of work done during the fry. When asked about how many turkeys will be fried that day, he said "About 500. I figure we will cook until about 330. Then, we'll start cleaning up - get the barricades down, get all the oil dried out, sweep up, dump the grease and be done by dark."

Lawrence stated the event has grown by leaps and bounds since 2006. "It started off with me and a handful of guys that work for me, and we wanted to get together and do something for the mission. We never expected it to turn into this. We got a handful of fryers and turkeys, and came down here to cook, donated our time, and do our part for the mission. It's been amazing to watch."

The day has become something of a Music City tradition, with many artists - such as Jason Aldean, Bucky Covington and Lorrie Morgan, as well as many players from the NFL's Tennessee Titans volunteering their time during the history of the event. "It's something the Mission looks forward to. It's an opportunity for many of the guys to participate, and it brings such great awareness. People are joyful and they are happy, and they get a lot of fulfillment out of it. God has really smiled on this place. They are helping lives, and are making a difference in our community - above what we do on this day, and the food that we feed. It's become something bigger than that, and watching it grow and seeing the lives that it touches, and seeing how one day of giving of our time to our fellow man can perpetuate for months, and give hope to people here. Even if they have gotten back on their feet and got jobs, it's still special to them."

On the career front, the singer is very excited about his return to radio. "Stop, Drop, and Roll has been out to secondary radio since the middle of October, and we will be going to mainstream radio the first of the year. I'm planning on getting back from vacation, load up with the regionals, and start hitting radio stations. This feels like it could be a hit for us," he says.

The song is the first single from his upcoming album, which he said is ready to roll. "Everything is done," he confirms. "The album is finished. We've got eleven tracks on it, and the title is 'Headlights, Taillights, and Radios,' and we expect to have it out in May on my own label, Lawrence Music Group, and we've got a couple of other acts that we are working with right now. I think 2013 will be a great year," he says.