615 Spotlight: Adelee & Gentry Pop Out
615 Spotlight: Adelee & Gentry Pop Out

Once again, this week in the 615 Spotlight, we are going to take a look at something a little different than mainstream country music. Spend any amount of time in Nashville, and you will hear some great gospel, alternative, rock, and pop music. A great example of the latter is rising sister duo Adelee & Gentry.

Natives of Ohio, the harmony-laden duo are definitely becoming regulars on the "artists to watch" lists around Music City. Earlier this year, they released their debut, "Nice To Meet You." Now, they are getting into the holiday spirit with the release of their EP "Waiting For Christmas," a set that includes sparkling takes on such time-honored classics as "Carol Of The Bells" and "Jingle Bells," and the title track, an original written by the pair.

Songwriting has always been important to Adelee, who tells Billboard that there's a heavy dose of irony in that fact. "In school, English was my most hated subject, so it cracks me up that I'm a songwriter. I hated writing assignments back then. But, we start with the music, then come up with the full melody lines and harmonies, and from there the music will put us in a mood, and put us in a different emotional direction, and we will write lyrics as we go."

How would the sisters describe their sound? "Genre-wise, it's Alternative-Pop," states Adelee, "but if we were to describe it from an emotional level, I would say real and honest. We write what people can relate to, but I really don't write about other people's situations. I just tend to pour my heart out in a song. Gentry is the same way. We don't try to act like someone or something else. It's just the emotions of what we're feeling at the time, and who we are. We're not going to try to create something that is not there."

Adelee started performing first, but as time went along, it became apparent that her younger sibling had a talent for music as well - though she had to do a little coaxing at first. "Daddy got us a 24-track for Christmas one year," Gentry recalls. "We recorded our demo CD in our basement studio. I started singing with her. She kind of forced me to do it. I would tell her that I couldn't sing. We were at a coffee show, and she sat me down, and said 'Just sing this.' It was Taylor Swift's 'Tim McGraw.' After that, it just clicked," she says with a smile."

Both their full-length disc and the Christmas EP have been produced by Jason Webb, who has worked with such vocal heavyweights as LeAnn Rimes and Bebe Winans.

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"I remember being completely blown away after hearing Adelee and Gentry perform for the first time, and working with them has been a career highlight for me," says Webb. "They are natural performers with a special uniqueness in their voices, and their songwriting is both commercial and mature. I am so proud to be working with them."

The duo will be busy promoting their new release over the next few weeks, and then turn their attention to 2013. They kick the new year off in fine fashion, with a January 3 performance at the prestigious Bluebird Cafe. It's all a part of spreading the word about their talent. "We want to get our music out there, and have it recognized by as many people as possible. That's the overall goal. We don't really know where it's going to take us. God is going to do what he is going to do. I feel like we are supposed to be doing this."