Clint Black Is Back: Readies First New Album in 7 Years

Clint Black Is Back: Readies First New Album in 7 Years

Clint Black Is Back: Readies First New Album in 7 Years

Clint Black is mindful that many of his fans are angling to hear new music from the "Nothin' but the Taillights" singer, who hasn't released an all-new studio album since 2005. They might get their wish soon as Black is tinkering with the idea of leaking some songs himself.

"I'm wrapping up an album right now, and am talking with a record company," he told Billboard. "I haven't been affiliated with one in a while… I don't know what the record companies' schedules are, but I would really love to get something out."

The social media-savvy Black polled his Facebook and Twitter followers to gauge how they'd like the music to reach them.

"Most of them suggested YouTube, so I may leak some stuff out that I am anxious for people to hear."

While Black's recording career has slowed since 2005's "Drinkin' Songs and Other Logic," he's actually been quite busy for the past two years working on an arena theater show called "Aussie Adventure."

"I was hired to write the songs, so I've been working on that for quite a while," he said, explaining, "It's a Broadway-style show that would tour arenas like the Disney on Ice stuff, but it's more of an equestrian show -- 30-35 horses, a bunch of country dancing, and a stage play that is set on a ranch in Australia in 1901."

He notes that aside from writing all the music, he's been "studying Aussie slang and having fun trying to blend that in where American audiences understand what you're saying, because some of those things just make you laugh to say it, and it doesn't mean anything close to what you thought it would."

When asked what the difference was between writing a hit song or something like "Aussie Adventure," Black replied that the presence of a script "builds the parameters, so you at least know what you need to accomplish with the song. Sometimes, that really makes it easy and separates the process, and sometimes, I remember about four songs in, I thought 'What have I agreed to do? This is so frightening.' But, you push yourself past the wall, and you get by the challenge."

He added, "I went through that roller coaster ride, and kept pushing through it. You just have to persevere and get it done, and hope that the producers and the writers of the show find it's saying what you needed to say."

Black was scheduled to perform at this weekend's Bonfire Jam 2012 in Chumuckla, Florda, however it was announced on Tuesday that he would be replaced by Clay Walker following the passing of his father.