Spotlight: Green River Ordinance Connect With 'Dancing Shoes'
Spotlight: Green River Ordinance Connect With 'Dancing Shoes'

Sometimes, success comes not only when you least expect it -- but also where you least expect it. A great example of this is the latest single from Green River Ordinance, "Dancing Shoes." After a successful run with EMI that resulted in a pair of adult pop singles ("Come On" and "On Your Own"), the band decided to leave the label in 2010. Their mission was to make their music their own way.

Flash forward a couple of years to 2012, and the group has a new disc out, "Under Fire," and a song getting airplay in a lot of places -- including Sirius / XM Country channel The Highway.

According to band member Josh Jenkins, having their music appeal to many different styles and genres is one of the things the band has wanted to do for some time.

"I think one of our things is that you don't want to be pigeon-holed into one kind of music. We're into different things. Our drummer is into Jazz. Blues. I grew up singing country. Joshua grew up singing Pop / Rock, and Matt toured with the Beach Boys. We all drew from these different areas. I think what makes the band unique is the fact that we show that with our music. Our last record -- we're very proud of it, but there's some stuff that we really didn't get the freedom to show, so it's been fun for us to explore different landscapes, and have songs that lean into country, along with some that lean into Rock and Roll, and they all fit on the same record. It's really diverse, and hopefully that makes for a great record."

"Under Fire" has received some of the best reviews of their career, and Jenkins says that the positive words are something they never tire of.

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"It's awesome," he exclaims. "Anytime you put that much energy into something. We write the songs, and we practice for months and months, it's always nerve-wracking to send something out into the world and release it. You can be proud of something, and it not be any good," he reflected. "We were pretty confident in what we did."

Jenkins attributes the fact that people are connecting with "Dancing Shoes" as the simple power of music - because it comes from out in left field. "That's been amazing. It's one of those things that can't be explained. We had left the label, and were trying to figure out what we were going to do with the band, and what our game plan was. We recorded an EP of six songs in two weeks, and was going through some of our older songs. "Dancing Shoes" was one of those songs. It was a little folkier than what we had done and what we had explored. We cut it, and it got into the hands of someone there. We really didn't do anything to get it there, someone heard it, and they passed it on, and it magically ended up on their station, then it got onto some other Sirius stations."

In this day of viral marketing, and intense radio promotion, the fact that a song found such a direct way to the airwaves of Sirius is something that still amazes Jenkins. "That's awesome, and I think for us, as an independent band now, we're not naïve to the fact that a lot of our success is dependent on people telling their friends via Twitter and Facebook. With this record, we've tried to get as many people as we can to tell their friends. It's reassuring that a song can still be heard, and people react to it, and it's not political. The fact that people can hear a song and put it on the air -- without us having to do anything -- is very reassuring."

With the album out, Jenkins says it's time to hit the road to promote it. "It's off to the races," he says excitedly. "We're touring through the spring, and in the summer and maybe do some festivals and some co-headlining dates. It's always exciting to get these new songs in front of people."