2011: Kenny Chesney's Year In Photos
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From chart feats to big duets with (Taylor Swift, Grace Potter) and a huge tour; 2011 has been a big year for Kenny Chesney.Click the Right Arrow for a gallery of images of the Country star's many moves captured on camera.
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KENNY CHESNEY's Top 20 Billboard COUNTRY Hits

He had the sixth biggest tour of the year, the seventh biggest Country Songs hit of the year, and the 10th biggest Country Album. In short, 2011 has been very good to Kenny Chesney. To celebrate his big year, we've compiled his 20 Biggest Billboard Country Songs hits ever. Read on to see how he's ruled the chart over the years.

This chart of Kenny Chesney's 20 Biggest Billboard Country Hits is based on actual performance on the weekly Country Songs chart, through the list dated Dec. 17, 2011. Songs are ranked using an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at the bottom of the chart earning the least.

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You Save Me

Co-written by famed Nashville songwriter Brett James, this song remains one of Chesney's more dramatic and sensual performances of all time. It definitely left a mark on his female following, who have made it one of highlights of his live concert set.
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Better As A Memory

The fourteenth of Chesney's records to hit number one, this song contained one of his more bittersweet vocal performances. Hitting the top of the charts in 2008, the song was voted as one of the "Ten Songs I Wish I'd Written" by the Nashville Songwriters Association International later that year.
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Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven

A song that was one of Chesney's biggest musical risks, the track included vocals from reggae group The Wailers. Interestingly enough, the song was also recorded by Chesney duet partner George Strait. While it didn't make Strait's 2008 disc Troubadour, George did release the song digitally. Chesney, however, enjoyed the hit.
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The video for this 2002 No. 2 hit record marked the first time Chesney had ever worked with Shaun Silva. Since then, the two have collaborated together many times - most notably on the CMA Award - winning "You And Tequila" this year that also featured pop star Grace Potter.
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Who You'd Be Today

Keith Urban's "Better Life" held this tender ballad out of the top spot, but it owned No. 2 for five weeks. A song about a loved one that has passed way too soon, writers Bill Luther and Aimee Mayo wisely left it wide open as to whether it was a child, parent, spouse, or friend - allowing many to latch on to the song to help them through a difficult time.
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Big Star

A song that Chesney calls "every little girl's fairy tale," it became a huge record for the star in 2003, peaking at No. 2 for two weeks. The track, from "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems," was written by ace tunesmith Stephony Smith, who has definitely seen her own dreams come true as a writer.
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Somewhere With You

The most recent song on this list, "Somewhere" spent three weeks at the apex of the chart earlier this year. It was the second single released from his "Hemingway's Whiskey" album - which has garnered some of the strongest reviews of his career.
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No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems

A No. 2 showing for five weeks in 2003, this song could very well be the most requested of Chesney's stage show. It's definitely one of the records that has become most identified with the singer. It was also the title cut of a very successful album by the same name.
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Anything But Mine

Released in the first week of 2005, this tender and heartbreaking ballad became Chensey's eighth Country Songs chart-topper, hitting the peak for two weeks in April. It was written by Scooter Carusoe, who also penned "Better As A Memory."
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Beer In Mexico

Tempo songs have always been a hallmark of the Chesney catalog, and this one topped the list for three weeks in 2007. It was a rarity - a song that the singer wrote himself. He penned the tune while vacationing in Mexico for the birthday party of Sammy Hagar.
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I Go Back

At different points in his career, Chesney loves to release songs of retrospect concerning a different day and time. The fans have always responded well to such tracks. The highest song on this list not to make it to No. 1, "I Go Back" was kept out of the top slot by Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying." But Chesney's tune did manage to hang onto No. 2. . . for seven weeks!
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You Had Me From Hello

Inspired by the famous line from the film "Jerry Maguire," this became one of Chesney's biggest love ballads of all time, topping the chart for a week in September 1999. It also did well on the Hot 100, hitting No. 34 there.
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Never Wanted Nothing More

In the process of selecting material for his "The Road And The Radio" album, Chesney came upon this track that (no pun intended) took him back to another time. The result? Five weeks at the top of the chart in the fall of 2007.
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When The Sun Goes Down

Though he had recorded with artists such as Randy Travis and Pam Tillis in his career, this Uncle Kracker collaboration was Chesney's first-ever full blown duet released as a single. The title track from Chesney's 2003 disc, "When The Sun Goes Down" spent five weeks at the top of Country Songs in 2004.
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Don't Happen Twice

When Chesney was selecting new material for his first "Greatest Hits" project, this song presented itself to him. With its' fun beat and sentimental lyrics, it found a place on the disc, and also onto the airwaves - peaking at the top for a week in 2001.
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Chesney is very much known for his party songs, and this one fit the bill in 2006. One of the biggest staples of his live show, you just might see a beach ball being passed around the stadium when this song is played. It's not all about making a statement. Sometimes, it's about having fun.
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There Goes My Life

They say that country music is about real life, and the lyrics of this song rang true for many of Chesney's core audience. The story of a father growing along with his child was all over the airwaves in the fall of 2003, and it spent seven weeks at the top of the chart.
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Don't Blink

One of the most powerful pieces of work of Chesney's career, this record spent a month at the top of the chart in the fall of 2007. The video for the song was also one of the more stunning of the Luttrell, Tennessee native's career.
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How Forever Feels

His second No. 1 single, this record entered the chart in December of 1998, and became one of the most played songs at country radio in 1999. It was the first single from his "Everywhere I Go" disc, and helped propel him to stardom.
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The Good Stuff

Spending seven weeks at the summit of the Country Songs chart, "Good" was the one of the most-played Country records of 2002. The track also became one of two Chesney singles to hit No. 22 on the Hot 100, with the other being "Never Wanted Nothing More."
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