Dixie Chicks Talk "Storytellers"; Win A Prize Pack
Dixie Chicks Talk "Storytellers"; Win A Prize Pack

Dixie Chicks member Martie Maguire admits to finding herself like a lot of the trio's fans when watching their new "Storytellers" DVD, released just in time for the holiday season. "As I watch it, I get very emotional. We've been on a hiatus since 2007 -just playing a few shows here and there. Watching it is like watching home movies. You get really sentimental. You laugh at something Natalie, Emily, or I said, then you pick it apart, as if to say 'I can't believe I wore those pants.' Every time we do play now, all these emotions came back."

To celebrate the release, Billboard.com is giving away one Dixie Chicks Storytellers prize pack that includes the new DVD, a poster signed by all three of the members, and an Essential Dixie Chicks album. Two other runners up will win the "Storytellers" DVD. Just fill in the form below for your chance to win.

Maguire tells Billboard that the 2006 concert / VH1 special was something they wanted to be a nice package for their fans, henceforth the wait.

"It's actually been coming for a long time," she says. "We held up the process procrastinating on the artwork. We wanted it to be really special. We actually approved the show a couple of years ago, and it took that long to get it out."

It's the first new release for the Grammy-winning trio in a while, and Maguire hopes their fans will be pleased. "We thought it would be good for the fans to have something new out. Even though it was from 2006, it was the only show we talked about the songs, and why we wrote them. You also get into our personalities, and if you came to a show, there's not enough time for that."

Viewers of the disc will find out some interesting Chicks-related trivia. For example, "The Long Way Around," from their 2006 disc "Taking The Long Way," was actually a much longer song at the beginning. Maguire says there were several pages of lyrics of the song, similar to the way Loretta Lynn edited several verses from the original writing of "Coal Miners' Daughter." That being said, Maguire adds that it was a very personal piece of music.

"We were diving into our beginnings as a band - riding around in a RV, That song takes you on a journey from our inception," she say. "There was a lot to say. It was a long journey. We like to write songs about a specific person or a specific something that happened to us. I think a lot of writers like to do that. Rick Rubin always told us to 'Write about you or people will know it's not personal, and they won't feel an attachment to it.' I always felt he was really wise with that piece of advice."

The DVD includes many cuts from "Taking The Long Way," but also reaches back to the days when they were one of the most talented acts on country radio with tracks like "Cowboy Take Me Away" and "Wide Open Spaces" featured on the disc. Their music continues to influence acts to this day. Go to any club on Broadway in Nashville, and you will still hear new female artists singing Dixie Chicks songs. That makes Maguire proud.

"I remember someone doing 'Sin Wagon' on American Idol. I thought 'Oh, my gosh! Maybe we're not that old! Maybe we're still relevant. I've been in this business since I was nineteen, and it's been a long journey."

Maguire adds that the ups and downs have all been worth it. "I'm happy with the peaks and the valleys. I think it's all part of your path and your career. Look at someone like Emmylou Harris- she still wants to tour. I would love to be in that space when I'm her age hopefully. We did a Courtyard Hounds show with her at a winery. She was on a bus with her band, got dressed in the same size dressing room that we were. She looked liked she loved it. That inspired me to continue. She's an artist who her songs pinpoint times in my life that were so monumental and shaped me so much. I can only hope we sing songs that make people feel a certain way when we sing them."

So, what's next for the Dixie Chicks? Maguire says it's all up to lead singer Natalie Maines. Natalie is the one that wants the hiatus right now. Emily and I have made it no secret that we live and breathe music. I feel like I'm missing an arm and a leg. We felt like the Courtyard Hounds thing made sense. It was so fun. I feel like I've gotten to know Emily so much better. We tried to organize a mini-tour with another artist for next summer, but I don't know if it will materialize because the artist hasn't finished an album they want to finish. We're trying to keep our toes in the water while we take time with our families. So, we're waiting on Natalie to say 'Ok, guys. I'm ready. Emily and I realize we can't force that. We're friends first, and the band's too important, so we're waiting on her!"