Colby Dee

Canadian born Colby Dee moved to Nashville two years ago, and word quickly spread around Music City regarding her talent. In fact, she was offered a few opportunities to make a record, but the performer decided to take her time and work on her craft. 

Things look like they are about to pay off for Dee with the release of her debut single, the peppy "He Don't Know." She’s glad to finally be getting music out to the public. "I am so excited. Getting reports back that stations are liking the song is such a great feeling. It’s great to think that a song that you write in a room on a guitar, and now it’s produced and on radio – that is the coolest feeling ever. I just wanted to take my time learning, and really investing my time in the process, and not just rush into something that would give me a quick career. I want a long lasting one that I can enjoy and experience with all of my fans."

She tells Billboard that taking it slow also allowed her to develop her abilities as a tunesmith. "When I was first writing, I was happy with the songs, but now I’ve developed my sound, and I know what I want my music to portray. So, it’s really cool to see the growth that has happened. You only get a first impression once, so I definitely want to put my best foot forward when doing that."

She’s learned from some of the best. "I wrote with Rob Crosby and Summer Overstreet the other day. They can be so intimidating, but they are also so amazing. They are also down to earth, and you walk away with another friend."

Growing up in Georgia, music took a huge hold on her heart at an early age. "I loved country music. I have since I was a little kid, and Shania Twain was a huge influence on me. With my sister being older than me, I would always listen to her singing, and I would try to be like her a lot. That’s how I discovered that I had a voice – by trying to mock her all the time. I’m very blessed that this chapter has opened, and I’m getting to continue on the journey."

In the spring of 2011, she made the move to Tennessee to follow her dreams, and she admits she was pleasantly surprised by what she found. "I thought it would be very competitive, with everyone being for themselves. But, what I have learned is that it’s a very arms open town. Everybody wants to see the other succeed, and they want to help one another. That was very eye opening."

She was also amazed at the opportunities that were there – particularly the many "writer’s nights’ you can find on any given night. "There’s music everywhere, every night, all the time. You can’t help but go out to these songwriter nights and walk away feeling inspired. I’ve lost count of how many times a song has touched my heart, made me cry, or put a huge smile on my face. It made me want to go home and write a song like that myself and put it in my own words. It’s so inspiring."

In the process of putting the final touches on her debut album this fall, she’s ready to focus on "He Don’t Know." When asked about the inspiration of the song, she said "I got to write it with two amazing writers in Nashville," speaking of Karleen Watt and Lisa Torres. "One of them came into the writing session, and when girls get together, they talk about boys, which just happens naturally. She was talking about how she loved her boyfriend, and she knows he loves her – but he doesn’t know it yet. So, that’s what we wrote it about."

As her schedule begins to fill up with radio tours and concert dates, she’s very appreciative of a special group that has been there all along for her. "There is absolutely no way I could do what I do without the support of my family. They are so encouraging, and are my cheerleaders. I am so thankful for them being my support team, along with my publicist, Nicole Pope Gaia. Having them in my corner motivates me and inspires me. I am so thankful."