Stephanie Quayle

Country newcomer Stephanie Quayle believes in the power of music -- and if the Montana native can inspire a listener or two, then that makes it even better.

"I feel that as an artist, what we're doing is a service," she tells Billboard. "We're sharing music that will either make people feel better or the empathy in a moment. It's those memories that we get to make. I feel like when you give your time and service to people in need – no matter what the situation is – there's nothing more fulfilling. It's indescribable for me, because I have so many memories that you can't put a price tag on or recreate."

The singer has a new record on the market -- one she's particularly passionate about.

"The song is called 'Stand Back.' Boys better watch out, because this is going to be on every girls' list. It's from a strong female perspective. It's got an incredible guitar lick in there, and it's super fun. One of the reasons we recorded it and made it the first single was due to the response from the fans at our live shows."

The song has already been released on iTunes, and will soon be going for airplay at stations across the United States. "I'm so excited," she says. "I think it's going to be quite a day when we hear it on the airwaves."

On the heels of the single release will be the August release of her new EP, also called Stand Back. She says there are many different moods and sounds on the album. "I wrote all the songs on the EP," she said, allowing that one song she is particularly excited about is "Last Stop." Of the track, she says "That one is an uptempo love song -- one where you don't hear the words 'I love you,'  but rather ‘You're the last stop on a lonely road.' It's just a fun uptempo song, and has a lot of energy in it, but it's also a love song -- which I find surprising, a fun little twist."

How would Quayle define her approach to songwriting? "It could start off with a lyric, it could start off with a guitar riff, a melody. Every song is different. For example, one of the songs on the EP called ‘Pictures Lie,' I have kind of a running sheet that I keep with me of ideas, and when I went into  that writing session, I just started rattling off ideas. We just started playing off of the idea of seeing two people in a picture, and you don't know if that picture has been cropped or altered. So many things can happen now with technology. We thought it was a cool play, and it was a very personal song for me – one from experience. I think there's magic in songwriting. I don't know how to pinpoint it, but there's an element that you can't really figure out about it, which I love about songwriting."

As is the case with many acts today, Quayle is very active online via social networks as Twitter and Facebook.  "With all the technology, I think what is incredible for an artist is that your fans are at your fingertips. It's also so cool to be able to connect with people globally through our computers. That allows them to be a part of the experience. I feel like with my music, I'm really allowed to bring everyone along for that journey. We can all experience the ride together," she admits. 

Quayle has been very active with organizations such as Girls For A Change, Amway, and Best Buddies - a nonprofit dedicated to creating one-on-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With Quayle's move to Nashville, she had made a life-long friendship with her ‘Best Buddie' JoAnn. "I'm grateful that I'm able to use my music as a vehicle to enhance a situation or make it better for someone. It wasn't until I moved to Nashville that I knew I could get more involved and take on a buddy relationship. Now, I have a buddy, and she's phenomenal."

Look for Quayle on the road this summer as she embarks on a radio tour to promote her new single and EP.