LeAnn Rimes
Curb Records

"I feel like I've had a piece of tape over my mouth for a while," singer says of new album, her final release on Curb Records

This week marks a watershed moment in the career of LeAnn Rimes, who brings to close her 17-year relationship with Curb Records with the release of new album "Spitfire."

Though one could accuse the singer of ending "phase one" of her recording career with a whimper -- the album was released in the UK in April, peaking at No. 3 on the country album chart -- the results are very much the opposite.

As Rimes points out, she had a hand in writing nine of the album's songs. "I feel like I've had a piece of tape over my mouth for a while, so to rip it off and let it go…"

Whether it be the sexually charged rock-and-roller "Gasoline And Matches" or the emotional urgency of a track like "Borrowed," Rimes is in fine form throughout the collection -- which includes appearances from Jeff Beck, Rob Thomas, Alison Krauss, and Dan Tyminski.

In this exclusive Billboard video interview, Rimes sat down with The 615's Chuck Dauphin to discuss the new album, living in the public eye, and what’s next for her recording-wise.

"I have plenty of songs left to write," she said. "I have tons of ideas… musically that I want to do. So as soon as I find the right partner, the right place to go, I have plenty of ideas."