Keith Urban Preps New Album and Hopes to Keep His 'Idol' Job

Contestant Kree Harrison, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson perform onstage at FOX's 'American Idol' Season 12 Live Finale Show in Los Angeles, California.

FOX via Getty Images

Keith Urban has a good feeling about "Little Bit of Everything," a new single he performed during last night's "American Idol" finale."

"I love the feeling of it, the lyrics and the groove," he noted in a chat with reporters on Wednesday. "It really fit and I'm glad we got to do it."

Urban says "Little Bit" will be the first single of his next album, which he hopes will be out later this year.

"It's hard to know what it is [yet] because it's a process of recording a lot of different things and then the songs start to come together…" he said. "That's been my experience -- they sort of form the body of work that constitutes an album. Songs that I may have done over here that I think, 'Oh this is definitely it,' then some new songs come along that make the other ones sort of fall away."

When asked if he'd like to return as an "Idol" judge next year, Urban quickly replied yes.

"I literally enjoy coming to work every day and that's a rarity," he explained. He raved about his involvement in the show, labeling his judging style as being "part record producer, part A&R person and an artist as well."

"For me it's just about seeing things about [the contestants] that are tiny little bits that they need to get rid of because they get in the way of their true talent. They are just little bad habits when you're starting out. You chip away all the stuff in the beginning. In a lot of ways it's just picking up on those things that I probably had when I was about that age as well."