Lauren Alaina Debuts 'Barefoot' Single, Eyes Album for Later This Year

Lauren Alaina performs on AMERICAN IDOL Thursday, May 9.

Michael Becker/FOX

Lauren Alaina, debuted a sassier side of herself when she took the "American Idol" stage on Thursday to perform her new single "Barefoot and Buckwild." Prior to the performance, she introduced the song on a video interview, explaining that she was excited to be back on the stage where everything started for her. Alaina also revealed that "Barefoot" is the first song she's co-written, joking, "so if people don't like the song, it's 1/3 my fault."

Following the show, the season 10 runner-up confirmed that her sophomore album is in the works. She explained that since her debut release, "Wildflower," she has relocated to Nashville and has taken a more active hand in songwriting. The 18-year-old high school senior says that in addition to prepping for her upcoming graduation, she has been busy crafting tracks for her next album, which she describes as "a lot different" than her previous release.

"I'm young and I can only sing about certain things. I'm not going to sing about going out and getting drunk because that would not fly with my parents so I couldn't do that -- but I can sing about a lot more and I have experienced a lot more as a person and have grown a lot."

Alaina says she's already written "a lot of material" for the album and expects it to be released sometime later this year. "We just put out the first single and it will go for radio adds sometime around June 1. We will be working on a music video as well."

The spunky Georgia-native also touched on the news of Randy Jackson announcing his retirement from the Idol chair, following this season. "That's really sad because he's been there since the beginning and now none of the judges are going to be the same. American Idol always figures something out so they will figure it out but it's kind of a bummer, but it will be okay."