Craig Campbell Is Back With 'Never Regret'
Kristin Barlowe

There's a song on the new Craig Campbell album "Never Regret" that brings back the memories for the singer. Titled "That's Why God Made The Front Porch," he says that it was inspired by his growing up years in Lyons, Georgia.

"It's very calm, very serene," Campbell told Billboard about the song, which he penned with Lee Thomas Miller. "You can close your eyes when you are listening to it, which what we kind of did when we recorded it. What are some of the things about a front porch that make it so relaxing? A rocking chair, or maybe the wind chimes. I remember how humid it was growing up in south Georgia, and there's a smell after it rains – we just tried to put all that together."

Campbell admits he has high hopes for the new disc. "We want the album to be successful. I believe in the Prayer of Serenity – 'God, grant me the serenity to accept the things that cannot change, and the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.' There's some things that I don't have any control over. I try to not worry about those. All I can do is make my music – write my songs and sing them," he states.

He says that "Never Regret" offered him a few chances to grow as a vocalist. "I'm not afraid to sing a sexy song. There's some stuff on the new album that we didn't cover on the first one. We've got ‘Keep Them Kisses Comin,' which is a very sexy song, and 'Never Regret,' which is about the anticipation of a guy and girl courting each other. She's getting frisky with him, and he tells her ‘Wait a minute. You keep going, and you're gonna make me do something that I'll never regret.

It seems like that subject matter is what the younger generation is downloading these days," he says.

The first single from the album is the infectious "Outta My Head."

"When we went in to record, we didn't even think about that being a single. When we got done, we listened to it, and somehow or another, it leapfrogged to the front of the line. I think the catchiness of the hook really drove it home. Not only have I been there and done that, but after listening to it for  a couple of times, I was singing and singing it. To me, that's the ingredients of a hit song."

Over the past couple of years, Campbell has gotten to learn from some of the best in the business on stage. He says that he has picked up lessons from several different styles of artists.

"Opening up for Alan Jackson, I realized that it's all about the song. He gets up there, sings song after song, and he does hit after hit. He doesn't have all the pyrotechnics, he doesn't run back and forth and high-five his band, he just sings. Then, for Luke Bryan, it's the total opposite. He dedicates his entire being to put on a very high energy show for his fans -- which got him Entertainer of the Year, which he deserved more than anything. I try to focus on singing good songs, and while I'm not Luke Bryan, I think there's a happy medium," he says.

All in all, Campbell admits that life is pretty good these days. "I love it. It's a dream. I dreamed of having a song on the radio, a CD at Walmart, so I love it, for sure."