Caitlin Rose, 'Only a Clown': Video Premiere

Melissa Madison Fuller

Caitlin Rose

Billboard is excited to bring you an exclusive first look at Caitlin Rose's new music video for "Only A Clown," off her upcoming second studio album.

"I don't know how to explain it, as it gets me in a pickle," she says of the song, written with Gary Louris from the Jayhawks. "I guess it's about the person who doesn't have any fun at the party, but still sends you a thank you note."

The new disc has garnered plenty of positive reviews, and though she appreciates them, they aren't exactly what the singer looks for initially.

"It seems that I am always looking for the bad reviews first," she says. "I feel like I am very critical and separated from my own work. I like other people's opinions, but anything that they think about it that is negative is something I've already thought. The positive ones are just the perks."

"Only a Clown" comes off her new album "The Stand-In," out March 5. Spend a few minutes with the Dallas-born, Nashville-bred artist and you get the sense that she tells it like it is. Asked for her inspiration behind the album, she says that the three years since her last album, 2010's "Own Side Now," played a major role.

"You pick up so many things in three years of life that all filter in. I can't name any specific things or themes, but I guess you could say Ne'er do wells, and motherf---ers who leave whenever they feel like it," she says with a laugh. "Excuse my language, but that's what the record is about. I co-wrote a lot of this record with Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson, who also produced the album with me. We kind of have that thread going through. A lot of it is personal, but we draw from the emotions that go along with the experiences rather than the experiences themselves."


"The Stand-In" is out next week but you can hit up the iTunes pre-order here.