Gloriana 'Shake' It to Another Hit


After going through a well-publicized personnel change, 2012 saw the trio Gloriana more focused than ever, and the resulting factor was a year to remember.

Their single "(Kissed You) Good Night," peaked at No. 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart, and also ranked as the No. 5 song on the 2012 year-end list. In addition, their "A Thousand Miles Left Behind" set debuted at No. 2 on the Country Albums chart. Throw in the thousands of people Gloriana played for into the story, and member Tom Gossin says it was an exciting twelve months.

"It was a great year," he tells Billboard. "I think it was the best year that the three of us have had together thus far. I think we really hit our stride with our music. We wrote or co-wrote all of our sophomore album, and it's always an interesting thing for an artist to put out a second album. We had such a good time making the record. We were really excited to put it out there for our fans, and it's music that we believe in, and is from our hearts. Then, to get out there and play the music live was great. We can't believe it. As songwriters, we want to make songs that will really hit home with the people who listen to them, and I think it just ended up being one of those songs that really did."

The romantic lyrics of the song definitely made an impact on their fans, said Rachel Reinert. "We had a lot of people come up to us and say that they had a lot of 'first kiss' moments that were inspired by the song. Ultimately, a huge goal for us is to write songs that are from the heart that other people can relate to. Hearing those stories make us feel really good and happy, and it makes us feel like we are doing our job."

Gloriana continues to "do their job" on their latest single, "Can't Shake You," which climbs to No. 26 on the Country Airplay chart this week. Reinert says it's about the other side of romance.

"We're really proud of it. It's a special song, one that we couldn't wait to get out there. I think this song strikes a chord with people also. Everyone knows what it's like to go through a heartbreak or end a relationship for whatever reason. Not being able to shake their memory. We're hoping we get the same kind of response to it as we did '(Kissed You) Good Night."

And, as great as 2012 was, 2013 is shaping up to be even better, says Tom. "We've got a few international shows this year, and opening up for Alan Jackson. He's one of our favorites. We dig playing with him and his band. He's got that classic country feel, and it's such a great blend with our stuff. We did the National Anthem at the AFC Championship Game, which was awesome, and we just played Jimmy Fallon, and played with his band. It's only February, but we have had a great start to the year. We just keep pinching ourselves and thanking God every day for the opportunities that we are afforded."