The Mavericks Song Premieres: 'Back In Your Arms Again' and 'Call Me When You Get To Heaven'

Big Machine

The Mavericks return to the record world next Tuesday with the release of "In Time" -- their first release together in close to a decade. Lead singer Raul Malo says the album arrives at just the right time.

"I had a batch of songs that sounded like a Mavericks record," he says with a smile. "That was already starting to happen on my last solo record. I was writing these songs that I started thinking to myself, 'I wish the Mavericks would play these.' I felt myself missing playing with them. I think we all did. We've all gone on and done different things, but we had missed it."

Fans who have missed the unique sound of the two-time CMA Vocal Group of the Year will want to check out a couple of tracks from the new album. Billboard is excited to premiere two of the cuts before the album is released, "Back In Your Arms Again" (above) and "Call Me When You Get To Heaven":

Drummer Paul Deakin said it didn't take long before that familiar feeling of recording together took over in the studio.

"I've played with a lot of wonderful people, and loved doing it, but there's something unique with these guys," he admits. "It's been like that since we started, so it didn't take much to get the gears back rolling."

The group will be hitting the road in a big way to promote the disc, and on stage is a place where the group feels right at home, says Deakin. "We've always had this relationship between the audience and the band, and we are genuinely having a good time up there. Having fun has always been the barometer for us. If we are enjoying it, then we're doing well. That's the reason for the break – we were burnt out, and it wasn't fun anymore – it was time for a break. But, the audience fuels us, and that chemistry goes back and forth."