Lulu Roman Recruits Dolly Parton, Georgetta Jones on New Album

Lulu Roman enjoyed a successful television career from 1969-1992 as one of the citizens of Kornfield Kounty on "Hee Haw." It was a run that she credits to one of the show's co-hosts, Buck Owens.

The Dallas native recalls that whenever Owens and his band would come to town, she and some of her girlfriends would come out to the show. "We became good friends, and he'd say 'One of these days, you're going to be a big star, and I'm going to have something to do with it.' When they made a list characters they wanted on Hee Haw, they had listed 'One fat dumb boy, and one fat dumb girl.' Buck said 'I've got your girl. She's in Dallas,' and they took his word for it."

Of course, there was more to Roman than just her comedic skills, as her musical performances on the show became fan favorites. Some forty years later, she's still singing - in fact, better than ever. Roman has just released the standards album "At Last." Instead of the wide-open range demonstrated on many of her Gospel performances, this album showcases another feature of her talent- a croonin' side evidenced by her takes on such classics as "Fever," "You Don't Know Me," and "Get Here."

"At Last" represents a direction that Roman has always wanted to take musically. "I've always wanted to do this, and I've never got a good chance to show people that I could do this. I've been blessed enough to be able to sing a lot of different styles."

The album kicks off with a cover of the Eddy Arnold chestnut "You Don't Know Me." Of the song, originally a hit in 1956, she said "It's one of those songs that I just absolutely adore."

One song that made an impact with one of her family members was the Anne Murray hit "You Needed Me," which features Linda Davis. "I've had a great time talking with friends and family about what their favorites on the album are, and my oldest son said his favorite was 'You Needed Me.' I asked him why, and he said he remembered me singing it to him when I was a little boy," she offers with a smile.

Other guests include T. Graham Brown, Dolly Parton -- who sings harmony on a flawless take on "I Will Always Love You," as well as Georgette Jones, who guests on a cover of "Til' I Can Make It On My Own," written and performed by her mother, Tammy Wynette. "I loved her music," Roman said of Wynette. "When I first started on 'Hee Haw,' I was a hippie kid, and wasn't much into country music. But, I started to love the people, then I learned to love their music. Singing it with Georgette was so great. There's a couple of places where she sounds just like her mama."