Colt Ford's 'Declaration' Ignores Rules
Colt Ford's 'Declaration' Ignores Rules

Colt Ford is definitely something of an unorthodox person, when it comes to maintaining his career. That different way seems to be working, as his most recent album, "Declaration of Independence," debuted at the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart. He hopes to give his fans something else just as unique during the holiday season with "An Average Joe's Muddy Christmas," a disc that features Ford, as well as many of the artists associated with his label.

He told Billboard that "I've been wanting to do a whole Christmas record myself for the last couple of years. But I've been playing so many shows that I haven't had the time to write songs and do all the things you needed to do with it. So, we just decided to do an Average Joe's Christmas. It turned out really cool. There's something on there for everybody, just all kinds of stuff."

One name that will be of interest to fans of traditional country sounds is John Anderson, who lends his "Christmas Time" to the album. "I'm excited. All the folks at Average Joe's are great people. It seems they have found a way of selling records that might be a new way. I'm certainly impressed with the success they've had so far."

He's also happy with the song he's contributed to the disc, one that has a special place in his heart. "I'm proud of that song - always have been. I co-wrote that song with Lionel Delmore. We wrote about a whole catalog together. He's no longer with us, so I'm always glad to bring one of our old songs back when I can," he said. The song was originally the title of a Christmas disc released on BNA in 1994.

Ford said that getting to include the stylist on the album was a treat for him. "John and I have become really good friends, and he and I have just done a brand new version of 'Swingin,' and we shot a video for it. Working with him was so awesome. He's one of those guys that has become a musical hero of mine, and to get to know him, hang out with him, and record some music with him is amazing. He sounds like he did thirty years ago. It was an awesome experience."

When asked about other highlights on the album, he said "I really like my song 'Home For Christmas.' It's very traditional, and not a rowdy song like so many people might expect. It's very sentimental family song and "What Time Is It," from the LoCash Cowboys is another one that turned out great. There's all kinds of sounds on there, and they all work together. You can put the disc on, and the kids are happy, Mom and Dad are happy, Grandma and Grandpa are happy too."

Ford admits pleasing multiple demographics is something he has had success with, but recognizes "It's hard to do that. One of my favorite things about my records has always been where fans come up, and I'll see an eight year old with their parents, and their parents have come along. When they all can sing along together, that's very good for me to see. You just don't have that happen much in music anymore. I've worked really hard to keep everyone happy."

The entertainer says that is the mantra at Average Joes for the New Year. "We're going to keep doing what we do. Let the music be first, and keep the fans happy. That's what we've always been about. I'm excited to keep growing, and give the fans what they want to hear. Without them, none of us have a job."