Kate Nash Live: Watch Her Tastemakers Performance and Style Q&A

"The period between "My Best Friend Is You" and "Girl Talk" was really strange," Kate Nash divulged about the time between her last album and her latest, which was released this spring. At Billboard's pre-Lollapalooza bash at Chicago's Double Door on Aug. 1, watch Nash discuss her music and style, and perform two "Girl Talk" tracks as part of this special Tastemakers Style Session.

Kate Nash Dazzles at Chicago Billboard Party

And just how was the period between 2010 and early 2013 "strange"?  The English singer/songwriter, who saw her debut album "Made of Bricks" hit No. 1 on the U.K. album chart, says that it was during the last couple of years that she "went through quite a lot of difficult stuff in my personal life." Nevertheless, music proved key. "To deal with all of that that I just threw myself into writing," Nash says. "I was really driven and I knew exactly what I wanted. I was much more in control."

Video: Kate Nash Performs "Fri-End?"


That sense of self-possession is also evident in Nash's fashion sense. "I definitely think my style has changed and evolved with my music," she says. "When I first came out I was wearing a lot of vintage dresses. And then with my second record, I was like, well, people don't take me seriously enough because they think I'm a silly girl so I was in jackets and harder stuff. I think now I'm almost both of those things blended together because I have more confidence. I don't really care if someone thinks I'm stupid because I'm wearing a pink frilly dress. I just think they're stupid if they think that."

Video: Kate Nash Talks Style


With third album "Girl Talk" connecting with her fans, the Brit Award-winning performer has spent plenty of time in front of audiences and she feels that comfort is paramount when it comes to in-concert style. "I like to have fun with what I wear but the main thing is how is this going to move, because I move a lot," she says, adding that the apparel she sells on tour is always eco-friendly and natural. "I'm all about comfort on stage, because if you're comfortable then you can really lose yourself."

"It'll be interesting to see what the next period is like, going into the next record," Nash says, looking forward. "Because I think I learned so much in the last couple of years."