The Boxer Rebellion Live: Billboard Tastemakers Video

The Boxer Rebellion performs at Billboard's Tastemakers video shoot, early 2011.

The Boxer Rebellion Live

Our Tastemakers video series presents a closer look at -- and an exclusive performance from -- the cool artists hitting the Billboard Tastemakers chart, which brings you the top-selling albums each week based on an influential panel of indie stores and small regional chains.

Picked as one of Billboard's 2011 Artists to Watch and on the marquee at one of our SXSW showcases, the Boxer Rebellion were a natural choice to come by New York's Mophonics studio for a special Billboard Tastemakers video session, where the London-formed four-piece performed a three-song mini-set and talked about new album "The Cold Still."

Photos: Behind the scenes at The Boxer Rebellions's Tastemakers taping

"By the time we'd come around to writing the third album's tracks and demoing them, we'd realized that a lot of the love for the band came through the live shows that we did," TBR bassist Adam Harrison says. Up to "that point we'd known how to produce stuff to a degree, but we didn't know how to capture that real magic." Until now. Billboard described "The Cold Still" as being "packed front-to-back with lush melodies, yearning vocals and swooning choruses that would tug at even Chris Martin's heartstrings, the ambitious album is an epic, effortless offering from a quartet dead set on perfecting their pop-rock craft."

Video Below: The Boxer Rebellion performs "Locked In The Basement."

"Most of what you hear on the record, even vocals, was recorded at the same time and was so natural and so much more fun," TBR drummer Piers Hewitt says.

The finely-honed "The Cold Still" comes, in part, from a decade of working as a unit after coming together serendipitously in London. "We got together around ten years ago," guitarist Todd Howe says. "I moved over from Australia and [frontman] Nathan [Nicholson] moved over from Tennessee. We were only both over there for a couple of months. I put an ad up and he was the only one who replied. So we were doing acoustic stuff for awhile and we were looking to form a band. We stuck up an ad and [Hewitt and Harrison] were both the only people who replied as well."

Video Below: The Boxer Rebellion performs, "Step Out Of The Car."

The resulting group saw U.S. success soon after its 2009 sophomore album "Union" became the first album to enter the Billboard 200 chart via digital-only release.

Now with a whole new set of songs in its repertoire, the Boxer Rebellion continues to win fans. "The Cold Still" is available via TBR's own Absentee Recordings, and the band is currently in the midst of a major North American headlining tour taking it from coast to coast through early May.