Twenty One Pilots 'Scaled and Icy' Livestream: By-The-Numbers

Twenty One Pilots
Ashley Osborn

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots spent more than seven months planning, rehearsing and building the elaborate livestream that beamed out on Friday night (May 21). The hour-long event showcasing most of their new album, Scaled and Icy, incorporated more than half a dozen Broadway-style sets arrayed on the floor of their hometown Columbus, Ohio, arena -- the Schottenstein Center -- as well as roping in a full band to augment their usual two-man set-up,  a troupe of dancers, a retro 1970s storyline and some fancy footwork from singer Tyler Joseph.

The show was a massive undertaking that included an interactive web experience featuring a live Q&A with the band -- anchored by drummer Josh Dun -- as well as a spot to upload fan art, exclusive, never-before-seen footage of the duo, a 3D maze filled with Joseph's hand-written Icy lyrics and dozens of other rabbit holes for The Skeleton Clique to go down in the weeks leading up to the event.

Check out our by-the-numbers below (figures provided by 21P management):

Number of production and support staff involved in the production: 150

Number of people hours from the first Zoom call in July 2020 until showtime: 50,000+

Square feet of floor space taken up by the show's set on the floor of the arena: almost 30,000

Height of "Mulberry Street" set: 40 x 40; the facade based on the street in New York's Little Italy where the band had dinner before they signed their record deal in 2012 was assembled in Nashville and shipped to Columbus in 25 pieces for the brick portions and another 50 for the support structure. It was shipped in six trucks and built over four days in the arena by a team led by production manager Rodney Johnson

Height of projection wall with additional street facade: 60 x 50

Total days in the Schott for set-up, rehearsal and show: 13

Cameras used on the shoot: 12

Costume changes, according to stylist/wardrobe director Laura Proepper and wardrobe assistant Colleen Naughton: 68

Number of dancers: 9

Rehearsal hours: 130+

Sessions on livestream experience page since April 7: 3.6 million (as of 1 p.m. on Thursday); that includes 3.48 million hours of watch time and log-ins from 202 international territories on one million unique devices, with more than half of the visits (56%) coming from outside the U.S.