Pearl Jam Digs 'Deep' With Massive Digital Archive of 186 Bootlegs

Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam
Pete Still/Redferns

Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam perform on stage in Finsbury Park on July 11, 1993 in London.

That's 5,404 tracks of PJ goodness from 2000 to 2013.

Pearl Jam is throwing open the doors to a massive digital archive of live recordings spanning nearly 200 shows, 5,500 songs and two decades. The massive drop encompasses fan-favorite bootlegs from tours in 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2013, according to a release announcing the project that ropes in 186 live shows and 5,404 individual tracks.

The recordings can be accessed from the "Deep" hub on the official PJ site -- which requires membership in the Ten Club fan club, or through Apple Music and Spotify -- with each show featuring descriptions written by Ten Club members. PJ, known for mixing up its set list from night to night, is also offering some fan-curated playlists that include "Best of City," "Best of Year," "Best Political Songs" and "Best Covers," as well as starter packs for newbies such as "Pearl Jam For Dummies."

PJ has released hundreds of official bootlegs of nearly all the band's shows for the past two decades, both on CD and digitally. The site's Custom Setlist Generator makes things even more personal by creating a one-of-a-kind playlist created by inputting your name and birthday and picking a city; you can then save the playlist to Spotify or Apple Music and share it with friends on Twitter and Facebook. As a bonus, the instant setlist manifests in singer Eddie Vedder's handwriting with personal written descriptions of the bootlegs from Ten Club superfans.

Check out a band playlist below.