Coldplay Fans Think They've Deciphered the 'Alien Radio' Album Tease Mystery

James Marcus Haney


Spoiler: It looks like they decoded the band's next album title.

Coldplay fans have been trying their hand as code-breakers over the past week, and after some serious deep dives, they think they've come up with the secret behind the band's Alien Radio transmissions. The global hunt for clues began April 18 with the first Alien Radio tweet, which mysteriously warned, "Transmission incoming. Standby."

That was followed on April 21 by a series of confounding videos featuring a spinning pink symbol over a compilation of voices from all over the world. Next were a series of posts with a jumble of Klingon-like pink symbols on a blue background that were posted all over the globe, with corresponding coordinates.

A visit to the site didn't help, as it was filled with the same E.T.-esque symbols along with links to the Alien Radio social media pages. Fans, of course, got to work unpacking the symbols and posting their guesses. "In case you missed it, or don’t know where to start… It seems Coldplay are coming back on May 7 with #HigherPower Cryptic posters appeared in LDN & NYC w/ messages leading to @alienradiofm From the site, fans decoded the announcement, alleged lyrics & more It’s time," read a post on the ColdplayXtra Twitter feed.

That news about what appears to be the band's ninth studio album came after fans boiled the runes down this way: "How the code was deciphered 8 characters on the top; that fit Coldplay. Used the P, O, A, Y to fill in the other blanks There was a common symbol, we presumed E It left a few blanks, but it was very clear after the E's were in position COLDPLAY, HIGHER POWER, MAY 7," read a puzzle-breaking post.

And while spokespeople for the band were mum when Billboard asked for details about the follow-up to 2019's Everyday Life, the band appeared to confirm the news themselves on Tuesday (April 27) when they posted the latest Alien Radio signal on their social feeds.

Check out the transmissions and deciphered clues below.