Pete Wentz Thanks Kim Kardashian 'Fr Th Mmrs' in Reflection About 2007 Video Kiss

Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, Kim Kardashian
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Fall Out Boy, "Thnks fr th Mmrs"

Pete Wentz reflected on the moment when he kissed a pre-fame Kim Kardashian on the set of Fall Out Boy's 2007 video for their song "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" during a recent discussion on his new Apple Music Hits Loud and Sad radio show.

On the first episode of the Monday (April 12) show, entitled "Un-Ironically Liking Things: Kenny Loggins, Armageddon and Erewhon," Wentz looked back to the time when his band was briefly more famous than the billionaire reality show star.

“I remember we had Kim Kardashian in the video for this song,” Wentz said after playing "Thnks," which was the third single from the band's 2007 album Infinity on High. "And it's just so interesting when you look back on that moment, you're like, 'This is like the last moment Fall Out Boy interacted in public with Kim Kardashian where we had the same amount of fame as her.’ It’s funny when you look back at this stuff. Thanks for the memories, Kim.”

By the way, Wentz noted, the band's A&R rep at the time warned them that their famously long song titles would hurt their chances of getting spins, so they decided to snarkily remove all the vowels. He now hosts a radio show and they've scored a string of hits in the decade-plus since, so guess who won that battle?

On the hourlong debut episode, Wentz spun songs by everyone from Kavinsky to, Whitney Houston, the Arctic Monkeys, Loggins ("Nobody's Fool," the theme to his beloved Caddyshack II, of course) and Queen. He also shared the "find friends with private jets" knowledge he picked up from "Thnks" producer Babyface and had a chat with his pal Elliott from the UK about the meaning of "loud and sad," which Wentz said doesn't mean volume, but can refer to something more vibe-y, like the Weeknd's EP trilogy.

Watch the "Thnks" video below.

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