Reignwolf Drops Video for Fan Favorite 'Keeper': Watch It Here

Stephen Hunt


New video for 2019 track has a few surprises including extended ending

Many moons have passed since we last heard from Reignwolf, but this morning fans of the hard-charging rock outfit woke up to find a new video for a long-time favorite track.

Two years after releasing their debut album Hear Me Out, Reignwolf front man Jordan Cook has dropped the video "Keeper," easily the band's most anthemic and epochal track. It's also the third and final single from the critically acclaimed 10-song record which Cook and his bandmates had been touring behind in the U.S. and Europe prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. It's also the first drop from Cook and crew since the release of garage-banger "Cabin Fever" last May.

Does this mean new music and tour dates are coming soon? Perhaps -- like the untamable beast which shares its name, fans know that when it comes to Reignwolf, the elusive group's only predictable trait is its unpredictability. But fear not, the new video — shot and filmed in both Los Angeles and Cook's hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — does include a few surprises for fans including an extended ending.

Check it out below and visit for updates.