The Revivalists Singer David Shaw Unveils New Single, Preps NFTs for Debut Solo Album

David Shaw
Alysse Gafkjen

David Shaw

Artist, producer and The Revivalists frontman David Shaw has just released his latest solo single "Got Me Feeling Good," an uplifting, sing-along style anthem. The guitar-centric, harmony-driven track follows the release of Shaw's singles "Heavy Soul,” "Shivers" "Shaken" and "Promised Land" from his debut solo album which drops May 7 via Yokoko Records/C3 Records.

"From the beginning, this album was all about self-exploration and the joys that come from finding strength and confidence in places that might not have been accessible before," Shaw tells Billboard, noting that the self-titled solo record "required a new way of thinking about how I create the songs but also, most importantly, the feeling that arises during their creation and inception."

Shaw said the record is meant to feel familiar to fans of The Revivalists, noting "I wanted this album to be that steadfast old friend that you can always turn to when everything around you feels like it’s too much. It’s what I needed at the time and now that it’s coming out soon that feeling is only becoming clearer."

"Feeling Good" was inspired by Shaw's recent sojourn to Los Angeles where the shift in lifestyle got him thinking about how one's environment can shift the way artists think about influence.

"Every day I’d get up early in the morning and head down to the coffee shop for a cortado before heading out to the beach for a swim. I was mostly listening to Beck, a little Sublime and a lot of Bowie at the time and the intersection of those influences mixed with my geographical location got me in the mood to make a song that went with the kind of days and nights that I was having," he says.

David Shaw was produced by four-time Grammy-winning producer Jack Splash, who Shaw calls "the perfect choice to help bring these songs to life in a fresh yet pedestrian kind of way. His sensibilities lend themselves to my own so working in the studio with him just felt right."

Shaw put together his own house band for the project, telling Billboard the group shared a "deep sense of camaraderie" noting "they’re the best of friends and if I’ve learned anything from being in a band over these past 15 years, it’s that it really helps if you’re also really good friends."

Shaw is releasing a number of NFT offerings via Fanaply for the album’s release including limited album cover art designed by Mike Tallman of Add Noise Studios as well as three tiers (standard, silver, gold) of custom tarot card art for each song on the album by artist Priscilla Frank. All items were animated by Andrew Carey and initial purchase of each token will include a physical copy of the David Shaw album on vinyl. Tokens are available here to claim and  pre-order for vinyl can be found here.