Nandi Bushell Accepts Dave Grohl's Surrender, 'Can't Wait' To Write Song Together

Nandi Bushell Rage Against the Machine
Courtesy Photo

Nandi Bushell covers "Guerrilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine.

Nandi Bushell has accepted Dave Grohl's surrender in their drum battle and now the 10-year-old wunderkind "can't wait" to begin recording their duet. After Grohl admitted defeat last week on The Late Show, where he referred to her as a "force of nature," the preternaturally talented fifth grader reacted over the weekend with a video in which she says she's looking forward to hitting the studio with the Foo Fighters leader.

“The legendary Grohl wants to jam with me and we shall create the greatest rhapsody,” Bushell says in the hilarious clip, in which she's wearing a lavender superhero costume as a dramatic cut of Grohl throwing in the towel unfolds over swelling operatic music and a succession of headlines about their epic drum war.

'Mr. Grohl, thou declare defeat at my feet," she says in mock serious tones as digital lightning flashes in the dark sky behind her. "The rock gods of old watch your retreat. Your legend in history will echo in time. But still, you resign to a child of 3 foot 9." She then magically summons matching purple drumsticks and prays the rock gods be with her, beckoning such late icons as Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister, Jimi Hendrix and Queen's Freddie Mercury.

Turning to the dark side in a second costume, Bushell hilariously includes a reference to Tenacious D's 2001 parody single "Tribute," in which Grohl had a cameo as the devil in promising that her collab with the singer/guitarist will be "the greatest song in the world." And then, months after Grohl noticed her when he cover of Nirvana's "In Bloom" blew up, kicking off a back-and-forth battle with the 51-year-old rock icon, she said "It's been an honor battling you, Mr. Grohl, and I can't wait to write our song together."

Watch Nandi's video below.

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