Alkaline Trio & Rise Against Members Help Liquid Death Water Turn Hate Tweets Into a Punk Album

Liquid Death
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Liquid Death "Greatest Hates"

Real-life rock stars from The Lawrence Arms, The Bombpops & Anti-Flag also contributed to "Greatest Hates Vol. 2."

Liquid Death is a pretty killer name for a punk rock project or a water brand -- and in this case, it's actually both.

The water company is best known for its signature tallboy aluminum cans, in an effort to lessen plastic waste, which apparently causes some very hateful comments on the brand's social media channels. So Liquid Death is channeling consumers' rage into a 14-song punk album.

Real-life rock stars from bands such as Rise Against, The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, The Bombpops, Anti-Flag and more contributed to Greatest Hates Vol. 2, following a first edition in May. The track list transforms hateful comments into clever song titles, such as "Your Product Is Dumb," "Unnecessary and Unimpressive," "Rather Murder Myself," "I Thought This Was Alcohol" and more.

From the minute-long trailer released Tuesday, the LP will make listeners rip off their sleeves, pierce their ears with safety pins, chug 40s, spit out Liquid Death, and remember the days of "hating your stepdad."

Greatest Hates Vol. 2 is available on limited-edition 12-inch vinyl, which brandishes medieval artwork featuring one of Liquid Death's tallboy cans getting murdered by a guillotine.

Watch the official trailer for Liquid Death's Greatest Hates Vol. 2 below, and listen to it here.