Mystery Band The Network Storm Back With Biting 'Ivankkka Is a Nazi': Listen

The Network "Ivankkka Is A Nazi"
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The Network "Ivankkka Is A Nazi"

Mystery band The Network have returned from their undisclosed location to deliver a double-shot of Devo-esque thunder, led by the chaotic takedown of First Daughter Ivanka Trump in the form of a new track titled "Ivankkka is a Nazi."

The masked band, who many have speculated are Green Day in luchador masks, stormed back with a lengthy, confusing missive explaining "The Prophecy" as practiced by their self-proclaimed Church of Lushtology.

"The Network were formed in the year 2003, fulfilling an ancient prophecy predicting that we, its chosen members, would issue a stern warning to mankind in the form of music," they wrote, noting that they totally called it with their 2003 debut album titled Money Money 2020, on which they "shined the headlights upon the follies and vanity of man kind. Rapidly achieving fame and fortune, we had often been mistaken as the planets greatest rock ‘n’ roll band Green Day. This earthly comparison is almost as comical as the humans that inhabit this dying planet!"

What follows a trip in a time machine to explore the founding of their bully pulpit: The Church of Lushtology, with a promise to release the "final lesson" in the form of Money Money 2020 Part II; at press time, no release date for the album was available.

In keeping with their treatise about the "devolution of man" always being a choice -- a nod to the group's obvious love of all things Devo -- the fresh music from the mystery group includes a plodding, taunting track with the refrain, "We're right, you're wrong/ We're right, you're wrong and we told you so."

Another track, the urgent, post-punk "Tarantula," appropriately dropped on Halloween, but the piece de resistance is "Ivankkka is a Nazi," a glitchy electro punk dance tune that features the blistering chorus: "Ivanka is a Nazi, she’s in the KKK/ She's got a Gucci swastika and loves the NRA/ Ivanka is a Nazi, a white supremacist/ She says that she is kosher, but we know she's a bigot/ She is a Nazi/ She is a Fascist, she's a Nazi."

In addition to tipping their masks to the sound and visual fury of New Wave icons Devo with the song's pogoing beat, the biting, provocative lyrics ("The children in cages, a gulag/ Her daddy is Hitler, a demagogue") taking on President Trump harken back to one of the band's Bay Area punk godfathers, The Dead Kennedys, who harshly skewered California Gov. Jerry Brown by flipping a Nazi phrase on 1979's "California Über Alles."

Sticking with The Network's playful denial of any ties to their alleged Grammy-winning alter egos, Green Day seemed quite upset that their former label home, Warner Records, have signed their "biggest nemesis." to a recording contract. "WTF?!" Green Day tweeted in response.

Check out The Network's musical return below.

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