Robert Pattinson Calls Haim at '3 AM' During Their Spooky 'Seth Meyers' Performance: Watch

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HAIM performs "3 AM" on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers.'

Haim served as musical guests on Thursday night's (Oct. 22) episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers with a little help from none other than Robert Pattinson.

Kicking off the sisters' performance of their single "3 AM," the actor made a surprise cameo by attempting to FaceTime the band, who have him saved in their phone as "Emotional Vampire."

"Hey, what's up? Ummm, I'm just calling to see if you're still up went straight to voicemail. That's too bad. If you're up or whatever, you know where to find me," Pattinson says before hanging up.

From there, the trio launches into their song dressed in spooky-chic vampire bride looks under a full moon. "Why you calling 3 a.m. / My head is spinning/ Pushed off the sheets from my bed/ 'Cause the phone keeps ringing/ All I keep thinking is/ Have I lost my mind?/ But I'm picking up for the last time," they croon on the chorus, before Danielle Haim takes over lead vocals from behind the drum set.

Following the song, the siblings also teamed up for a Halloween-themed voting PSA, with eldest sister Este threatening, "You better vote...or else" before Danielle bares a set of vampire teeth and a werewolf howls in the distance.

"3 AM" is featured on Haim's latest studio set, Women in Music Pt. III, which also includes singles "Summer Girl," "Now I'm in It," "Hallelujah" and "The Steps."

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Watch the band's performance on Seth Meyers below.