Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony Say Eddie Van Halen's Death Was 'Like Getting Hit By a Freaking Mack Truck'

Eddie Van Halen and Sammy Hagar
Ross Marino/Getty Images

Eddie Van Halen and Sammy Hagar, backstage during their "5150" tour, on May 9, 1986, at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Eddie Van Halen died at age 65 following a battle with cancer on Tuesday (Oct. 6). His friends and former bandmates Sammy Hagar and Mike Anthony heard the news while on Catalina Island to perform for Hagar's birthday bash.

In a new video the duo shared on Thursday (Oct. 8) titled "We Love You Eddie," the rockers run through their emotions after the devastating loss. "After the unfortunate thing that happened yesterday with Eddie Van Halen, for Mike and I, it was just like getting hit by a freaking Mack truck," Hagar shared. "Kind of took the wind out of the sails."

"A Van Halen song never felt so hard to play and sing in my life," he continued, before Anthony added, "It’s very surreal right now, and it hasn’t sunk in yet."

"What I felt playing a song like ‘Right Now,’ which is so timeless, I felt wow, thank God for this," Hagar noted. "You know what I mean? It’s like, we’ll never play with Eddie again but thank God for this."

"We have the music, if nothing else," Anthony added hopefully, before Hagar agreed, "The music will live forever."

The clip ends with the duo onstage, holding a moment of silence for EVH. See below.