Trevor Hall Premieres New Video for 'We In a Different Room': Watch It Here

Trevor Hall
Emory Hall

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall has released the first music video from his new album In and Through the Body on Hall's label 3 Rivers. Capturing the beginning of a healing journey, "We In a Different Room" is a dreamlike expanse across cultures and time with carefully selected imagery woven together as a celebration of self-discovery and gratitude.

In and Through the Body was produced by Bon Iver producer Brad Cook, and the video for "We In a Different Room" was directed by Natasha Ali.

“[It's] a song about going inward into the room of our innermost self. In our culture, our senses and vision are always directed outward,” says Hall. “If we are able to look within, we will find so many beautiful eternal treasures and so many visions. We wanted to portray that act of looking inward by portraying people in their 'flow state' while blindfolded. When we are in our flow state, there is an inner feeling, an inner vision that occurs. In that place, 'we’re in a different culture,' as the song says. We value different things and different treasures. We are backwards pilgrims.”

Ali said the video is inspired  by a conversation with Hall where he "shared with me his influence of Baul culture and their concept of 'madness.' This idea of being removed from your center and being pushed to the periphery in mind and spirit, of walking against the grain, and breaking free from conformity. I think we all long for this kind of freedom, this kind of 'madness' from time to time, and maybe we get a taste of it when we turn inwards and let ourselves get lost in doing something we love. This was what really fueled the concept and visuals for the video. I took his influences and just ran with it.”

Check out the video for “We In a Different Room" below.