Tommy Lee Reveals He 'Was Drinking 2 Gallons' of Vodka a Day: 'I Was Drinking Out of Boredom'

Tommy Lee
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Tommy Lee speaks during the press conference for THE STADIUM TOUR DEF LEPPARD - MOTLEY CRUE - POISON at SiriusXM Studios on Dec. 4, 2019 in Los Angeles.

Tommy Lee is no stranger to partying hard, and the Motley Crue drummer revealed in a new interview that he was doing so as recently as about a year ago.

The rocker told Yahoo! Entertainment he'll mark his one-year anniversary of being sober in about two weeks. "I've been sort of on and off for a long time," he explained about his sobriety. "I go through these phases where I want to live a different life and f--k all the dumb s--t. Then I decide, 'You know what, I don't want to live like that anymore. I want to have fun and play and be f--ked up and stupid.'"

Lee revealed that it his last round of bingeing that he realized he needed to stop. According to the rocker, he wasn't touring at the time, simply enjoying doing nothing at home.

"I literally did nothing. I would just float around drink and f--king drink! And what's crazy, I didn't notice it until towards the end of it when I was like, 'Oh, dude, I gotta stop. This is f--king insane,'" he explained. "I was drinking out of boredom. I would just wake up and build all vodka and a little eyedropper of cranberry or lemonade or something -- literally straight vodka. I was drinking 2 gallons -- not pints -- gallons, the big handles, A DAY. That's f--king crazy!"

"What's important is I realized, 'Whoa, dude, you're drinking enough to like, you could probably die.' And it wasn't even phasing me," he admitted. "I just became immune to it, and realized, 'Whoa, this is a lot! This isn't good.' So it was time for me to pump the breaks and just get rid of it for a while."

Lee, who married Brittany Furlan on Valentine's Day last year, said that his wife also helped him realize he needed to curb his drinking. "She was like, 'Baby, I don't think I've ever seen anybody drink that much. You're kind of scaring me,'" he recalled. "She was definitely concerned, and her concern obviously helped in my decision to just go get out of here."

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The drummer said he went to rehab for a month and also saw his doctor, who was shocked by his test results. "He's like, 'Dude, I don't know what the deal is with you, but your liver's fine, you're super healthy, what are you made of?!'" Lee said of his physician's reaction. "I'm like, 'Did you get my papers mixed up with another guy named Lee?!'"

But he knows how lucky he is to be so healthy after all of the drinking he's done. "I must have a horse shoe stuck in my butt! I'm really lucky, I'm grateful," he shared. "I was doing some pretty serious damage that probably would've hurt anybody else pretty badly."

Nowadays, the rocker is preparing to release another solo album. Titled Andro, Lee said that the record -- set to drop Oct. 16 -- is "pretty wild." And in the meantime,  he's staying sober, at least for now.

"I don't know if it's a forever thing," Lee said of his sobriety. "For now, I'm not drinking vodka today."

Watch his full interview below.